Book Review: Professor Astro Cat’s Atomic Adventure

Atomic AdventureHappy Sunday!  Butterfly Book Club is back to showcase a reference book with a difference from the quirky folks at Flying Eye Books.

On first glance I assumed this was a large picture book but in actual fact it’s closer to a physics reference book in content…except it’s fun!  Using bold, bright & modern illustrations, this book explains in simple terms a whole host of scientific topics from atoms & molecules to Newton’s Laws & nuclear physics.

Packed to the brim with facts, stats and info this will capture any child’s imagination and kickstart an interest in physics.  The illustrations are so lively and gorgeous, especially Prof. Astro Cat himself. And I love the simple and fun way different theories and reactions are explained in a way that’s relatable and exciting for children. Also, each explanation is linked to an every day object, for example: “Sounds are produced when things vibrate! A vibration is a back and forth movement that happens very quickly.  Let’s look at my guitar!  When I hit the strings, they vibrate and hit the air molecules next to them so that they vibrate too.”Astro cat 2

The content is broken up, not only by the great illustrations, but by a layout of chunked text, speech bubbles and info boxes that is really easy on the eye.  As with all the Flying Eye books I’ve encountered so far, it is beautifully made, with lovely paper and a textured, hardback cover that’s made to last.  I picture this as a brilliant gift from a science-loving relative to a primary school-age child.

I wasn’t a big science fan as a child but in recent years I’ve come to find it much more interesting and I’m currently obsessed with various science-based You Tube channels so this book has been a pleasure for me to read personally and, somewhat embarrassingly, it has taught me quite a lot.  I love teaching Caterpillar about the science of the world while we’re out in it and, although this is a little too old for him at the moment, I’ll definitely be keeping it close at hand to try to ignite a love of physics in the future.

Astro cat 3Author Dr Dominic Walliman (who, incidentally, has his own You Tube channel) has written several Dr Astro Cat books with amazing illustrator Ben Newman, and plans more for the future too.  I’d be interested to see the other topics they cover.

You can by your own copy from Flying Eye books here.  

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  1. Aww, these looks like a great book, I love the illustrations. It sounds like a fab learning book, too! Thanks for sharing #ReadWithMe

  2. This looks great – to be honest I could do with reading this. My little girl loves reading and is always so eager to learn so she would love this! #bloggerclubuk

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