Sausage, Bacon & Bean Stew

Sausage Stew 1

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We often think of stews as heavy, winter comfort food but this sausage & bean version can be eaten all year around and is packed out with veg and fresh flavour.



What You Need

  • Six Sausages
  • Six Rashers of Bacon
  • Any kind of large potatoes
  • Your choice of green veg to serve

Sausage Stew 2For the sauce:

  • 2 cans of beans of your choice (we used canellini and black-eyed here)
  • 1 Onion
  • 1 Red or Orange Pepper
  • 3 Cloves of Garlic
  • 3 Carrots
  • 3 Celery sticks
  • 1 Carton of Passata
  • 2 tsp English or Wholegrain Mustard
  • 1 tsp Horseraddish
  • 1/4 tsp Hot Chilli Sauce
  • 1/2 tsp Smoked Paprika
  • 1 tbsp Honey
  • 1 tbsp Worcester Sauce
  • 1 tsp Dried Thyme
  • 1 tsp Dried Rosemary
  • 2 tsp Schwartz Perfect Shake Classic BBQ seasoning (optional, or you can use the equivalent from another brand)
  • 1 tbsp Red Wine Vinegar
  • 1 Cup Water (adjust depending on how thick you would like the sauce to be)

Sausage Stew 3What You Do

  • Cook your sausages in the oven as normal
  • Cut potatoes into large wedges, skin on.  Parboil for 5-7 minutes before covering in Fry-Lite or a little olive oil, adding salt & roasting in the oven until crispy and golden.
  • Cut the bacon into small strips and fry until crispy (remove fat and use Fry-Lite to keep this Slimming World friendly).  Remove cooked bacon and set aside.
  • Add the onion, garlic, celery, carrot and pepper to the pan and cook for five minutes until softened.  Add a little water to the pan.
  • Add all the remaining sauce ingredients at once and a little more water, cover and simmer for 15 minutes or until veg is softened.
  • Add the cooked sausages and bacon to the sauce and heat through.
  • Serve with the wedges and your choice of green veg.

Tips & Tags

*Healthy Halo/Brilliant Batchcook/Freezable*

  • What I love about this recipe is that it’s really flexible and a real “throw everything in a pot and see what happens” type of meal.  A lot of the ingredients can be adapted to taste or swapped in for something else.
  • The sauce is freezable and can be used at a later date with another meat or as a yummy pasta sauce.
  • To make this Slimming World friendly use the Syn-free Slimming World Pork Sausages from Iceland.

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