Book Review: Mayday Mouse by Seb Braun

Mayday MouseHumour is probably the number one feature that we look for when finding great books for Caterpillar, it makes for such an enjoyable reading experience.  Mayday Mouse, although really an adventure story, has a fab visual punchline at the end which we all enjoyed.

It’s the story of the adorable and couragious Captain Mouse on a quest to cross water in her homemade walnut shell boat in order to deliver a birthday present to her brother.  And so begin her journey which ends up being much more challenging than she anticipated.  She faces terrifying storms, creepy caves and even a stay on a desert island in pursuit of her goal.  Most children love adventure stories and this one is told so creatively, which is interesting for us readers too. Eventually Captain Mouse needs the assistance of her friends and I love the positive themes of helping others and determination against the odds.

The visual creativity, for example making a makeshift raft from a piece of cork, a toothpick and a leaf, give added depth and enjoyment to the story.  Caterpillar was very much engaged in Captain Mouse’s journey.

The artwork in picturebooks is often just as important as the words and the illustration in Mayday Mouse are gorgeous; beautifully blended aqua colours and including lovely, visible watercolour brushstrokes.  The sweet characters are drawn wonderfully too.

This lovely book has a bit of everything; tranquil colours, peril, friends & family plus an amusing final page.  Find out more at Child’s Play Books.

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  1. I absolutely love getting book recommendations! Thanks for this review. I will stick it on our Christmas list. And totally agree re the humour. My kids’ faves are always the funny/silly ones. #PicknMix

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