Book Review: Don’t Call Me Choochie Pooh!

Choochie PoohIt’s all about dogs on the blog this weekend it seems as I’m now reviewing a fab picture book about another of our four-legged friends.  Don’t Call Me Choochie Pooh! is a funny, clever read about a pampered pooch who is completely embarrassed by his owner’s insistence on cutesy nicknames, bows and heart-shaped dog treats.

Poor “Choochie Pooh” is constantly being laughed at by the other dogs and shies away from humiliating displays of affection from his owner.  I love the parallels between this and a child being embarrassed by his or her parents at the school gates, and I think that theme will speak to the children reading too.

Choochie Pooh2Caterpillar particularly loves the part where our furry friend finally got to have fun with his pals and run around in lots of muddy puddles.  I won’t reveal the ending but, suffice to say, our indulged pub learns he is not alone in his predicament.

This will be a popular book with any animal-loving children, especially those with dogs at home, and the amusing illustrations are great (the dog’s perpetual scowl is particularly comical).  Find out more at Walker Books.


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