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Creative Kids LogoA quick post to let you know about a new guest series I’m starting.  Some of you may remember that last year I ran the My Mountain series, offering a platform for other bloggers & parents to write about their biggest parenting challenges.  I really enjoyed this and the submissions were absolutely fantastic (you can read them all here).

I loved hearing from other bloggers so I’m trying it again this year but with a very different topic. I want to host posts about how you get creative with your little ones.  I love doing arts and crafts with Caterpillar but I sometimes lack ideas, so that’s when I take to Pinterest to be inspired by other awesome parents who love letting their kids’ imaginations run wild.

Do you have a fab idea for a craft activity or messy play session that you’d like to write about?  If so, I’d love to host your post as part of this weekly feature (and, of course, promote it on my social media).  Likewise, do you have any existing posts that you’d like to get a little more exposure for? I’d be happy to share existing content too.

If you’re interested in contributing please email me at with the subject “Creative Kids” and your idea or post, along with a short bio and link to your blog and social media where relevant.

And remember you don’t have to already be a blogger to join in!  Can’t wait to hear from you x

8 comments on “Guest Blogging Opportunity – Creative Kids

  1. This is such a good idea, i just started my own guest series last week “a picture says a thousand words.”
    Id love to be involved but i am not very creative (i try but i have zero skills) i tried salt dough for xmas handprints of ben and i burnt them and had to paint them and then do painted hands where there were slight imprints hahaha #dreamandsparkle

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