Book Review: My Tail’s Not Tired!

My Tail's Not Tired

I love a children’s book that brings a wry smile to a parent’s face while reading and this story about a little monster refusing to go to sleep is a very familiar tale for many of us. 

This charming story follows Big Monster and Little Monster as Little Monster insists on all the parts of their body that aren’t yet tired. This is demonstrated by lots of jumping and wriggling around which Caterpillar absolutely loved. 

Caterpillar took it upon himself to impersonate every action and got lots of enjoyment from roaring and zooming around like a jet plane. He had so much fun doing this.  My Tail’s Not Tired! is also a great way to explain the importance of sleep to a very young child (and apparently to physically tire them out!)

My Tail's Not Tired2

The illustrations are bright and playful in a lovely crayon-like style which is almost childlike. I love the expressions on adorable Little Monster and patient Big Monster’s faces. (I especially enjoyed how the illustrations and tone showed Big Monster’s growing exasperation and patience throughout the book; a nice realistic touch). It’s also a unique take on monsters – painting them as just like us as opposed to either scary or mischievous. 

Caterpillar quote – “Pretending to be a jack-in-a-box was so funny!”

You can get your own copy of My Tail’s Not Tired from Child’s Play Books here. 

Disclosure: We received this book in exchange for an honest review, words & opinions are all my own. 

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