Beautiful Kids Photography From Willow & Rose

I’m afraid you’ll have to forgive my very self-indulgent post today as I simply had to share some of these gorgeous photos of Caterpillar with you.

My experience of motherhood so far has mostly been about transitions and stages – it seems the moment you get used to things being a certain way in your family everything changes; a new routine comes in and you’re back on unsteady feet.  I spent a long time trying to control that pattern but in recent years have found a lot of happiness in learning to let go and embrace change (more on that next week).

Ted Final 3

Anyway, the big change we’ve faced this month is Caterpillar starting full-time school and I figured there was no better way to mark that milestone than with some beautiful photographs.  So when my friend and incredibly gifted photographer – Michelle Snaith of Willow & Rose – offered to capture Caterpillar’s starting school moment I gave a very easy yes.

Ted Final 16

Local to Leigh-on-Sea, Willow & Rose offer natural and contemporary photography, specialising in newborn, toddler and family shoots.  I hadn’t heard of a “back to school” photo shoot before but I absolutely love the idea.  Your child beginning school is a huge step in their lives, and yours as parents too, so why not try to capture that moment.

Ted Final 19

These are just a few of the incredible shots Michelle produced of my four year old, despite him not always being a particularly cooperative model!

For more information about Willow & Rose or to book your own session visit

Ted Final 216

Ted Final 191

Ted Final 178

Ted FInal 101

2 comments on “Beautiful Kids Photography From Willow & Rose

  1. These are stunning photos such a great memory
    Keep sake & caterpillar is a natural poser for sure.
    I love reading your blogs Laura you put such great info into really important reading material that I’ve learnt from & im sure many others would agree to.
    You’ve helped me to understand a lot about myself,my crazy way of thinking & my surroundings.
    I thank you dear friend your an amazing women/mother.
    Love debbie chittenden X

    1. Thank you so much, lovely. It means the world to me that you’re reading my posts and that hopefully I’m helping people

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