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I’m afraid I’ve become something I never wanted to be – someone who starts their Christmas shopping in September.  When you have quite a lot of children in your life it’s important to get in there early though, especially when there are bargains to be had.  So with that in mind I thought I’d share three new toys with you that Caterpillar has really been enjoying this month, all from  Like most people, we get the majority of Caterpillar’s presents online nowadays and What2Buy4Kids have a huge range and a brilliantly easy-to-use website.  The simple search functions mean you can find what you’re looking for really easily.

My four-year-old has got to the point now where is loves anything gun-like – if something fires out of something or flies off of something he’s all over it – plus he loves everything gross and monster-related so this Monster Popper was a huge hit.


It’s a really simple idea but very well designed.  The squishy green monster comes with six eyeballs which are popped out by simply squeezing the monsters tummy.  I was impressed with the range you could get (and yet the balls are nowhere near hard enough to hurt anyone), and Caterpillar found the concept of the creature’s eye flying out very funny.

I love that it’s a simple air-powered design, meaning no batteries or anything to go wrong and it even comes with a handy little drawstring bag for storing your eye “balls” when not in use.  This would make a brilliant stocking filler and I’m considering getting another so we can shoot each other.  An amusing alternative for anyone uncomfortable with giving their child a toy gun.


From the minute we took him for his first haircut Caterpillar has always loved visiting the barbers, I think mainly because he gets to admire himself in the mirror (he’s a real poser) and be rewarded with a lollipop at the end.  These days his uncle cuts his hair and he’s become strangely fascinated by how clippers work, so when I saw this cute Barber In The Tub set I knew he would adore it.


After the toddler stage there seems to be a huge gap in the market when it comes to bath toys so I was also really excited to find something we could play with in water.  As with the Monster Popper, there is no need to worry about batteries with this toy as the clippers are powered by wind-up.  It also comes with a foam mirror that sticks to bath tiles and a comb.  Caterpillar loves posing with this and, again, this would make a fab stocking-filler.


Lastly, Caterpillar & I were equally excited to get our hands on this Science Laboratory set.  I was always desperate for a chemistry set as a child and I’ve been eagerly waiting Caterpillar being old enough to begin exploring science a little more.

I would call this a more serious kit compared to some of it’s more disgusting or exploding competitors but it’s brilliantly educational and lots of fun.


What’s Included?

  • Large magnifying glass
  • Set of magnets
  • Large & small test tubes with lids & test tube rack
  • Large & small connectors
  • Funnel vessel
  • Large sieve disk
  • Large six-hole disk
  • Small disk with large hole
  • Small disk with small hole
  • Large & small measuring spoons
  • Pipette
  • Experiment Manuel
  • Ten illustrated experiment cards

The set comes with instructions for a whole host of different experiments, which each give a fab intro into a different area of real science – I even remember doing some of these tests myself during school; such as filtering, water tension and basic chemical reactions.  Despite the serious science though these experiments are still simple enough for three & four-year-olds to complete.


What We Loved

  • The tangible links to real science and the studies Caterpillar will soon be beginning in school
  • The quality of all the equipment
  • Everything else you need can be easily found around the house
  • The variety of experiments
  • The opportunity for quiet play, observation skills and parent-child bonding
  • The fact that you can use the kit again and again, and make up your own experiences outside of the suggestions in the manual
  • Caterpillar’s favourite experiments so far have been Sour Milk and Jumping Magnets

This kit may not create explosions, slime or horrible smells but it is helping Caterpillar learn so much and become really interested in science.  I can see us getting this set back out again and again.

For more information on these toys and tons more visit

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.  We received these items in exchange for an honest review; words & opinions are all my own.  

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