Is Puglia the new perfect holiday destination for families?

Puglia is certainly the up and coming place to visit in Italy at the moment. Whilst 10-20 years ago, tourists may have flocked to Tuscany, people are now searching out that new, unspoilt area of the country and Puglia is ticking all the boxes. It is incredibly varied, boasting the longest coastline of any region in Italy whilst also holding claim to being the most important agricultural region in the country, producing around 40% of Italy’s olive oil.  Certainly, vast tracts of territory in Puglia are given over to farming and this creates a sense of almost stepping back in time, away from the hustle and bustle of modern society to a slower more sedate pace of life.  The region conjures up images of unique hobbit style houses known as trulli and swathes of centuries old olive trees.

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But does this make Puglia a family friendly destination?  There is no denying that Italy in general is an extremely family friendly country. Italians love children and they will always be welcomed in restaurants. But the team at Bookings For You think Puglia has the edge over some of the other regions when it comes to catering for families.

For a start, there are plenty of activities on offer for kids to enjoy in Puglia, whether it’s one of the many waterparks, a visit to the caves at Grotta di Castellana, a day at the zoo safari and amusement park at Fasano or a spot of climbing at one of the many adventure parks on offer. There is plenty to entertain bigger kids too. Teenagers can enjoy some creative ways to sightsee by exploring Ostuni on segways or even enjoy the chance to learn to sail.

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Puglia certainly has the most fantastic beaches to enjoy with beautiful white sand and stunning turquoise seas.  The water is incredibly clean and clear and is ideal for children of all ages looking to enjoy some snorkelling and other watersports.

Another key factor for families when travelling is value for money. And, once there, the area offers exceptionally good value.  Admittedly, Italy tends to offer great value for money anyway but eating out in Puglia tends to be even cheaper still and the quality of the food on offer is superb.  The fact that Italians visit Puglia to enjoy the food there says it all! It’s easy to pick up a massive pizza for just 4 euros and the pasta is exceptional.

For those looking for to instill some culture into the kids, there is plenty on offer…. the region is steeped in history and there are museums in abundance. Ranging from a museum housing one of the most complete skeletons of Neanderthal man ever found in Europe to a museum celebrating the art of making sweets and offering everything in between, there is plenty to inspire and fire up the imagination of every youngster.

And for those families whose priority is to surround their children in nature, this place offers perfection. The whole area is stunningly beautiful but of note is the National Park at Gargano. The landscape here is simply stunning with white limestone cliffs overlooking bright blue seas contrasting with dense forests and lush green meadows. It’s not uncommon to spot dolphins swimming along the coastline or to swim amongst the sea turtles in the water. Or at the salt basins of Margherita di Savoia, children will be able to marvel at the sight of plenty of pink flamingos!

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Importantly, the accommodation in Puglia hits the mark too. There are some stunning family friendly holiday rentals in Puglia. Self-catering accommodation can be a great option for families. For one thing, it tends to offer much better value for money than hotels but secondly, a villa or apartment gives you the much-needed space you need to spread out and relax. After all, for those with little ones, what is worse than tiptoeing around the hotel room once 7 p.m. has passed so as no to wake the baby!

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Take this stunning 4 bedroom villa in Puglia available from Bookings For You. With prices starting at less than £40 per person per night, it allows families to enjoy a luxury villa in Puglia for far less than the equivalent standard of hotel would cost. Or why not consider this 3 bedroom villa in Puglia? Again, available from Puglia villa rental specialists, Bookings For You, it’s a beautiful contemporary villa with gated swimming pool offering that extra peace of mind for those with little ones.  For smaller families, Bookings For You have plenty of smaller villas in Puglia to consider including this 2 bedroom trullo in Puglia comfortably sleeping a family of four. What is more, this holiday rental in Puglia, like all those from Bookings For You, boasts its own private swimming pool.

For more details of the villas in Puglia on offer from Bookings For You, or to make use of their personal concierge service just email

Disclosure: This is a collaborative guest post.

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