On The First Day Of Parenting – Five Ways To Prepare For A Less Stressful Christmas

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Since becoming a mum my love of the holiday season has been given a fresh lease of life.  The lead up to Christmas has now become my favourite part of the year, and this year feels particularly special as Caterpillar is now at the perfect age to enjoy it.

However, there is no denying that, although magical, being a parent at Christmas is not without its stress.  And stress can lead to you feeling anxious and emotional by the time the big day arrives, especially if you’re someone who suffers from Anxiety & Depression anyway like I do.  With this in mind, I’ve added a few ideas below to help you feel more prepared for the upcoming days.

Stress Free Xmas - Day 1

Make lists

I often wonder how I would get through the day without lists. There is something very comforting and satisfying about getting all your tasks on paper and, especially, crossing items off. I know some families don’t believe in making lists for presents but it’s a big thing in my family. Keeping a list for my son’s presents helps ensure he gets items he’s really going to enjoy and that nobody doubles up. Likewise, making lists relating to meals, Christmas cards or upcoming events or special dates helps you feel more organised and, subsequently, calmer.

Plan cheap days out (but not too many)

The cost of Christmas can soon spiral completely out of control and that includes expensive days out during the holidays too, but you don’t have to break the bank.  Crisp walks in the woods, driving around to look at the Christmas lights or hand delivering the neighbours’ Christmas cards are just a few ideas for keeping the kids entertained for free, and therefore, reducing stress for you.

If you’re anything like me and worry about keeping your little one occupied, having some activities like this pre-planned can make the lead up to Christmas  feel more calmer and more organised.  The flip-side, of course, is don’t plan too much!  Afternoons of nothing but snuggling under a duvet and watching Christmas films are important too.

Shop alone

I know this isn’t an option for everyone but if you can get the bulk of your shopping done before the kids break up from school, or find someone to watch your children for just a couple of hours while you do present shopping or the big Christmas food shop, then this can mean relief from restless little ones and frayed nerves. 

Find simple activities to do at home

Really easy crafts and baking projects make Christmas with kids feel so magical and they don’t have to be stressful.  I love buying the craft sets from Wilkos that come with everything you need already inside and, if you’re baking, stick to simple recipes or use these cake-in-a-box sets.

If baking or crafting increases your stress levels, what about sticking on a Christmas playlist, giving your kids a few glow sticks and Santa hats and telling them it’s a Christmas dance party? You can even shut the lounge or play room door on them if you like!

Forget perfection

Who doesn’t love to bury themselves in Pinterest looking for the perfect Christmas craft, homemade table centrepiece or beautifully decorated house? Inspiration is brilliant but if you then become a little obsessed with making sure your house, your food and your children’s experience is perfect you’re setting yourself up for a fall. The best Christmas memories tend to be the ones where we embrace life’s little disasters and imperfections

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4 comments on “On The First Day Of Parenting – Five Ways To Prepare For A Less Stressful Christmas

    Great tips for helping anxious parents like myself cope with the stressful parts if Christmas. Once I’ve bought all my presents then I will feel more relaxed x

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