For Every Kind Of Mother

Maybe you’re absolutely nailing motherhood right now.  Maybe you’re feeling like a failure.  Maybe you’re scared or tired or frustrated.  Maybe you’re full of energy and fun.  Maybe your kid is an angel, or a devil (or both in the same half hour!).

Maybe your house is clean or maybe you broke your toe on a toy this morning.  Maybe your baby is sleeping, maybe you haven’t slept in weeks.  Maybe your partner is sharing the load or maybe you’re doing this alone.

Maybe your child is being bullied and you don’t know where to turn.  Maybe your child is a bully and you don’t know where to turn.  Maybe your kid is growing up too fast.  Maybe you’re worried about their health.  Maybe they don’t need you any more and you feel completely lost.  Maybe you miss your child.  Maybe you miss your old life.  Maybe you’re sick right now or maybe you’re free.

To every kind of mother – you are amazing.  And never let anyone tell you otherwise…especially yourself.

Happy Mother’s Day 2019 xxx

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