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It’s been a while since our last Orchard Toy review but I’m back today to show you one of their latest games – Sound Detectives. We’re long time fans of the Orchard Toys brand since their games are so varied, educational and affordable, but today’s game is something a little different – their very first game that interacts with a phone app.

Regular readers know that playing games has always been one of mine and Caterpillar’s favourite bonding activities and his love of board games has just grown and grown over the years.  His other big love is technology, of course, so you can imagine how much his face lit up to find out this game comes with an app!

Downloading the app was very straightforward and we were quickly able to get to grips with the object of the game.  Each player sets up a path to a different animal and must then beat their opponent to the end by winning stepping stone tiles.

Stepping stone tiles are won by listening to the sounds through the app and being the first to identify the corresponding object.  Caterpillar absolutely loves this interactivity.  Perhaps due to his sharper hearing or young reflexes he is also quite the expert – beating myself and his Nan and Grandad numerous times!

Once you reach the end of your path you simply flip over the animal character, thus being the detective who catches them.

Although at six years old, my son is at the higher end of the age bracket for this game he still really enjoys it due to the sense of fun that comes from the different sounds.  A few sounds are quite similar to each other so there’s definitely a challenging element to it.

He’s since played the game with his cousins too and it’s a great one for children to try without adult supervision, encouraging them to negotiate fair play when both find the right tile at almost the same time!  Although perhaps not as educational as some of Orchard Toys other products this game makes up for it in humour and interactivity.

What We Loved

  • The simplicity; easy for children to play without adult help
  • The fun designs and hard-wearing quality of playing pieces
  • The age range; at 3-6 years this would be a great game for siblings or cousins to play together
  • The added element of using the accompanying app
  • Easily transportable for trips or days out

What We Learnt

  • Listening
  • Concentration
  • Good sportsmanship

As always the price point of £10.25 is really reasonable and would make a great present too.

Would you like to try the Orchard Toys Sound Detectives for yourself?  Simply enter the giveaway below for a chance to win your own game.  

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Disclosure: We received this game in exchange for an honest review.  Words and opinions are all my own.  

Orchard Toys Ambassador

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