Looking For The Perfect Smile? This Is For You

Smiling is something we all do. We belly laugh with our family, we smile for photos, when we see our children running to us from the school gates, and when we are happy. So it stands to reason that you might want to make that smile even more beautiful than it already is.

After all, when you smile, people smile back – it is a beautiful thing to share. So we should share it all the more often.


Have you ever smiled, or been out in public talking to people only to find later on that you had food stuck in between your teeth – nightmare! Brushing and flossing daily is a simple but effective part of your oral hygiene routine. It will keep your teeth pearly white and keeps your gums in excellent health too. If you need a little extra help with your dental hygiene or discoloration (plus other dental issues), head to your dentist to get it taken care of swiftly.

Most of us don’t brush for as long as we should, because of course, buys people don’t have time for it. But, if you struggle with this simply pop a timer on your phone for 2 minutes for brushing, and remember to get the back of your teeth too. Once you’ve brushed, get to flossing. You don’t need to be rough to be thorough, so take your time and get it right.


If you have a lot of discoloration, this might make you self conscious of smiling. There are many kinds of toothpaste that will help you whiten your teeth without being too harsh. Once you have used one for a while, and you don’t think that they can be lifted anymore, it might be time to think about a tooth whitening kit. Whatever you do, make sure that it is an ADA-approved kit and stick to the manufacturing instructions without hesitation. You could also opt for professional whitening as the results are often stunning and can last years with proper care.


If your lips are dry, cracked or badly chapped – as is common with lip lickers and in the winter months then you can do some extra things to take care of that. You can make a gentle exfoliating lip scrub at home with a little olive oil and some sugar, mixe a few spoons of sugar into a small amount of oil, and gently scrub the mixture over your lips. This will buff off any dry skin, and the oil will leave them feeling soft and nourished. You can also pick up some brilliant store alternatives without a big price tag.

Apply a moisturizing and protective lip balm or chapstick, the medicated ones are often the best choice here. If you are like most people, you probably want to keep one in your car, one in your bag and one on your bedside table. Because – who doesn’t lose their chapstick?


If you love to dabble with makeup, it won’t be a surprise to you that some shades can make your teeth look yellow. Well, there are also shades that make your teeth look whiter too. True reds with a blue undertone not only look stunning but they will make your teeth appear whiter.

If you aren’t a big one for bright lip colors, when you apply your normal shade or glass, take a gold liner or highlighter and gently brush the middle bit of your bottom lip line. This is generally the thickest part of your lips and will make your smile look even bigger.

Here are a few more colors that can whiten your smile:

  • Raspberry Pinks – the darker pink usually have a blue tone in them that make teeth appear whiter. Even the slightest tint in a lipgloss will work.
  • Plums – much like the true red and the dark pink they have those darker berry and blue tones and are great in the autumn and winter.
  • Nudes – Once you find the ‘my lips but better’ nude shade you’ll likely find that your lips look more radiant and your smile will look brighter.

Mattes don’t tend to have the same ability when it comes to making teeth look whiter, so consider a satin finish. They will often make your lips look dry too unless you have a rigorous lip maintenance regime.


This isn’t so much about the look of your smile, but rather how people will hide their smile if they feel like their breath isn’t the freshest. And, it’s a shame not to be smiling if you feel like it because of your breath. A large number of people don’t brush their tongues, which means that bacteria sits on there and begins to smell – even if we don’t notice it. The tongue has a lot of texture, and each one of the crevices is the ideal place for that bacteria to hide. So as well as brushing your tongue, try to keep a packet of gum, some mints or breath freshener with you at all times.

Food & Drink

If you are partial to a large cup of coffee a few times a day, or red wine, or smoking – you’ll find your teeth have slightly more stubborn stains. As well as brushing twice a day, and flossing, and that all critical tongue regime – you might like to think about adding an extra brush into your day. There are also specialist kinds of toothpaste that are designed for smokers, which will also work their magic on red wine and coffee drinkers teeth.

Fresh raw veggies will have a significant impact on your teeth. Calcium will help your enamel stay strong too.


If you find that you aren’t smiling much lately – it might be that you are carrying around a lot of stress. It might be time to start tackling that stress. Listening to calming music, getting a good night’s rest, and taking time to take a few deep breaths each day will help drive down your stress levels and help you get a big dose of those happy hormones.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.  

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