Toxic Worries You Don’t Need As A New Mother

Too many new mothers waste precious time and energy worrying about their new responsibilities rather than enjoying the experience. Being a parent can be a tough adventure at the best of times. But every mother will agree that it is also a fantastic and rewarding journey that gives love a deeper meaning. 

Toxic worries will rob you of some of the joys of motherhood. There is no reason to make the journey harder for yourself. As a new mother, you should learn to be kind to yourself. Looking after yourself is the safest and quickest way to become the best mother you can be. There should be no room for toxic thoughts that make you feel inadequate or small. Here are 3 thoughts you should banish forever: 

Worrying that motherhood isn’t for you

Every expecting mother gets warned about postnatal depression. However, not many are able to recognise the signs when it occurs. There are a variety of triggers, but for a lot of mothers, the hormone crash following the birth is one of the most frequent triggers. How does it manifest itself? If you are unfamiliar with depression or anxiety issues, you may not realise what you are experiencing. As a new mother, you are likely to feel tired and drained after the birth. The body needs time to recover. As a result, it can be tricky to identify the first signs of depression in the midst of exhaustion. But you need to talk about your feelings and reach out to doctors and midwives to let them know how you feel. Untreated postnatal depression can affect your bond and wrongly make you feel like you hate motherhood. 

Worrying that you are not losing weight 

You are expected to put on weight during pregnancy. But, for a lot of mothers, weight worries begin after birth. The first question that many ask is why they are still carrying weight after birth. Please, do not worry about getting back into your pre-pregnancy clothes just now. As mentioned above, your body needs to recover. It isn’t a wise idea to start a strict diet right now. You will gradually lose the pregnancy weight over time. Breastfeeding can contribute to weight loss dramatically! Additionally, you can encourage physical recovery through gentle exercises, using supplements to make sure you can fuel your body with all the right vitamins and minerals. A shop such as is a great place to start as you can have a look for ingredients that are specifically designed for women. A gentle workout can help address hormonal imbalance more effectively, too. 

Worrying that you don’t know what you’re doing

What do I do when my baby is crying? What does it mean?

As a new mother, you and your baby need to establish a communication system. While this will happen naturally, it’s normal to feel confused, and a little lost at first. Even motherhood books can only prepare you so much. You will learn the most important lessons as you create your routine and build up your instinct. The bottom line: You will not know what you are doing at first. But you are not alone. Midwives, friends, relatives, books, and your intuition are there to help. 

Motherhood is a beautiful adventure. To embrace it fully, you need to recognise harmful thoughts and get rid of them before they can hurt you. Do not let negative thoughts and fears affect your experience. 

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.  

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