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*If you are feeling desperate and in need of urgent help please contact The Samaritans on 116 123 or contact your local mental health crisis team or visit A&E*

Here are a handful of the resources I find really useful.

In Essex

Perinatal Mental Health Service

I feel so fortunate that my area is served by a PEWS team (Perinatal Emotional Wellbeing Service).  This small group of midwives, mental health nurses, occupational therapists and admin staff basically saved me.  If you’re local to the Essex area, please visit their site below for incredible support and advice.

Therapy For You

Therapy For You provide access to one to one therapy, group sessions and courses.  You can be referred through your GP or self-refer via their website.

If you are looking for a peer support group in Essex, where you can meet other parents going through similar issues, please contact to Sarah Woods at Lotus Petal Family Support.  Sarah’s group runs every other Monday on Canvey Island.

In the UK

Your first step would be to contact your GP, midwife or Health Visitor.  For information you can visit:

NHS Choices – Postnatal Depression

NCT #beyondbabyblues


The most useful resource I found by far is Postpartum Progress.  This site is packed with resources, support and helpful blog posts.  Their list of symptoms in “Plain Mama English”is particularly great.  In my opinion, there is no better place on the web to find information and support on these illnesses.

Postpartum Progress

Postpartum Support International

Online peer support

For fantastic, confidential peer support on Facebook PPD Chat Support is a wonderful group.

Also please join Rosey and lots of other amazing PND survivors and medical experts on Twitter every Wed night 8-9pm BST for #pndhour.

By far and away the most useful online resource for anxiety management is Paul David’s book, app and website – Anxiety No More. Click here to find out more

6 comments on “PND Help & Resources

  1. Hi Laura,

    I came across The Butterfly Mother while searching for groups to reach out to about postpartum depression awareness. The wonderful information, resources, and support that you provide for the online community is truly quite remarkable!

    I’m Jenna Carberg and I helped create after I was diagnosed following the birth of my first daughter, Elsie. I struggled with PPD the following year and a half and it was the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through. One recent study found that 600,000 women are diagnosed with postpartum depression every year. I’m deeply passionate about spreading the word and helping women get the care they deserve and providing their loved ones with the support that they need.

    Browsing through your site, I noticed you have a link with some postpartum-related resources, here – I think our website would be a valuable educational resource for your users. Would you mind including our link as well?

    Jenna Carberg

  2. Hi Laura, I volunteer for PANDAS foundation (pre and postnatal depression advice and support) a UK based charity. We have fantastic volunteers trained to offer support online or by phone and also have support groups dotted around the country. Would be thrilled if you could add us to your list of resources. It’s terrible how many people suffer alone not knowing how many other people have had PND also and I’d love for everyone to find their perfect support solution. Even if one person gets help from PANDAS after reading your blog that’s one less person suffering alone. It’s a really well written blog and I will hopefully share you’re article about taking something positive out of pnd either this week or next.
    All the best, Elaine

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