Postnatal Depression & Anxiety

Since there’s so much mental health content on this blog now I’ve decided to divide everything into simple sections.  Click the titles below to find what you’re looking for.

For help, support & the best routes to treatment, please see the resources page.  If you ever feel you wish to speak to someone who’s been there please come and message me on FacebookTwitter or drop an email to

Mental Health Research & Advocacy

I’m always keen to take part in any surveys, interviews or trials that will help develop research for future perinatal illness treatments or mental health services.

I’m also available for guest blogging, peer support and public speaking on this topic, as well as working with support groups and mental health charities.

If the above is something that will benefit you or your organisation please email

Video Content

Find details of my Anxiety Toolkit Facebook Live videos here or subscribe to the Lotus Petal Parents You Tube channel where I’ll be contributing parenting & mental health content throughout the year.