This cheeky chap is my four year old “Caterpillar” – the inspiration behind this blog and simultaneously the source of unending happiness and hair-tearing stress in my life.

Edward 1

Below is a selection of posts cataloguing both the joys and challenges of parenting a willful, whiny, hilarious & adorable little dude, along with plenty of tips & tricks I’ve learnt along the way.

Tips & Ideas

Getting Rid Of The Dummy

Six Reasons To Love Baby-led Weaning

Baby-led Weaning – First Foods & Favourites

Organix rainbow sandwich

Five Household Chores To Share With Your Toddler

Tips For Travelling Abroad With Toddlers


Taking The Piss: Survival Strategies For Toilet Training

Five Tips For Parents To Combat Christmas Stress

What Are Phonics?

7 Housework Tips For Lazy Mums


7 Tips For Great UK Holidays With Kids

7 Tips For Coping With Stress As A Parent

6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Be Worried About Having A C-Section (And One Reason You Should)

Our Favourites

Favourite Books for Toddlers

Toddler Books

11 Essential Buys For Baby’s First Year

Best Buys For 1 to 2 Year Olds

Eight Essentials for 2 to 3 Year Olds


Six Gift Ideas For Preschoolers

9 Awesome Toys, Games & Activities For 3 to 4 Year Olds

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Mum Life

The Emotions Of Motherhood

Are You A Player?

Now You’re Three

Edward 2


10 Ridiculous Things I Said Before Kids

Starting School: A New Era I Never Thought I’d See

8 Reasons I Don’t Care About Screen Time

The Benefits of Baby & Toddler Classes


Five Reasons The Threenager Stage Is Harder Than The Terrible Twos

Playing The Parenting ‘Trump’ Card

Parenting Is A Messy Business

On Your Fourth Birthday

Champagne & Tissues

The Mixed Up Identity Of Modern Mums

Why Gender Selection Is Wrong

Baseline Testing – Should Our Four-Year-Olds Be Sitting Exams?

When Parenting Isn’t What You Imagined

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