Bonding & Being A PND Mum

One of the hardest parts of Perinatal Mental Illness is worrying about your bond with your child, grieving happy moments that have been robbed from you by your illness or questioning whether you’re doing a good job as a parent.  I’ve been on quite a journey with this and the posts below sum up how I began and how I feel now (spoiler alert – it all gets better!).

Great Expectations

A Love Letter To My Son After PND

Grieving The Missing Happiness

Do I Love My Baby?

Who Am I Now? Identity After Motherhood

Why New Mums Will Always Break My Heart

A New Era I Never Thought I’d See

A Bonding Update – Five Years After PND

5 Tips For Encouraging Bonding When Struggling With PND & Anxiety

Ideas For Bonding With Your Five Year Old

Mother’s Day & PND

Ten Mental Wellbeing Mantras For Mums (includes free printable)

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