Mother’s Day Gifts That Take Care of YOU

Mothers Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is such an exciting time when you’re a mum to young children. One day a year solely dedicated to us, in honour of the desperately hard work and mayhem we deal with on the other 364 days!

I’ve written before about how important self-care is when you’re a parent, and how all mums deserve to pamper themselves on as regular basis as possible. Just because we are dedicated to our kids doesn’t mean we can’t be dedicated to ourselves too.

With this in mind, I’ve been researching some fantastic brands and products to compile a list of meaningful gifts that are all about keeping in touch with you.  If there’s a mum in your life deserving of a treat please bear these in mind, or better yet make sure you leave this post open on your husband, partner or kid’s tablet during the next couple of weeks!

Movie Night

A great movie is hard to beat as a simple way to relax and my recent favourite is Still Alice. I have read the book too and it’s as beautiful as it is heartbreaking. I will warn you, this topic is pretty hard-hitting and it isn’t a chick flick that’s for sure – tissues will definitely be required. But it’s also beautifully shot and has wonderful performances from Julianne Moore and Kristin Stewart; the journey of their mother/daughter relationship is really special. Lastly, I have a personal interest in anything that helps to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s so this film hits home with particular potency for me.

Beautiful accessories

MDP - scarf 1I absolutely adore accessories of all kinds, an outfit just isn’t complete without the jewellery or scarf to compliment it.  But I also love my accessories to be affordable so I can have a lot more choice in my wardrobe.  I recently discovered Luxories – an online store who carry a huge range of beautiful scarves, bags, purses, jewellery and more. Their chiffon scarf collection is particularly beautiful as they have such a wide selection of colours and designs, plus they are priced between £7 and £12 so are incredibly affordable (meaning you can definitely get more than one!).  The polka dot and animal print scarves are particularly gorgeous.

Luxories also have a fantastic range of bright, beautiful purses. They range from wonderfully classic like this cream and floral piece to cute and quirky like the black cat’s eye purse I received.  It’s fantastic quality, unique and has plenty of room for all the essentials which I love.

MDP - purse2I have one of these to give away so if you would like the chance to win this purse please make sure you add your details to the giveaway link at the end of today’s post. Also, you can get 10% off if you use the code SPECIAL10 when you order!

Fresh, affordable scents

MDP - perfumeI used to always buy designer perfumes, it was my one splurge. However, the inevitable budgeting cutbacks that come with parenthood led me to hunt for a more affordable alternative. Subsequently, I’m now an enormous fan of Next’s fragrance range – I especially love Sparkle and Eau Nude.

Both are fresh, modern scents that last surprisingly well, and at £12 for a 100ml bottle you can smell delicious without breaking the bank.

Make time for pampering

In the six months leading up to our wedding, a long time before Caterpillar’s arrival, I was having monthly facials at a spa and I really miss it.  As a mum, you may not always have the time or money to visit the spa as often as you’d like, but that doesn’t mean we can’t regularly spoil ourselves with luxurious skincare products at home instead.

When I came across Pinks Boutique online I was instantly attracted to their beautiful products, but on reading their story and ethos I became even more intrigued.  These days we see the words ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ on countless brands but did you know that there aren’t any laws in the UK to stop a brand from using the word ‘organic’ even when the ingredients are far from it?

Not the case with Pinks Boutique.  Every single one of their yummy products contains only completely organic ingredients, and this is proven by their certification from The Soil Association.  Pinks Boutique

I was so, so impressed with the Intense Hydration Facial Gift Box I received.  First off the packaging and branding is beautiful but more importantly the product itself feels amazing and it so lovely to use.  The collection includes a Hydrating Deep Cleanse Melt, an Ocha & Rosehip Moisturiser and an Organic Muslin Face Cloth.  The cleanser is deliciously thick, with a slight exfoliate, but it turns soft and creamy when mixed with a little water and applied to your skin.

The smell is amazing!  These are professional products and I’m wondering if, in fact, I’ve been to a spa that uses them before as the scent took me right back there.

The moisturiser is a great balance : rich enough to hydrate my dry, tired skin but light enough that there is no greasy finish – only the yummy, glowy feeling you get from a spa facial.  And again, it feels and smells really great.

I’ll confess I usually use whatever face scrub is on offer in Superdrug so using these products felt like a real treat to me. Not quite a day at the spa but a fab alternative.

Shine & Sparkle

MDP - necklaceThis gorgeous necklace was actually a Valentine’s gift from Hubs but I’ve since looked into Warren James’ Swarovski Crystal collection in more detail and there are so many lovely pieces.

What I love about the pendant my husband chose (other than the fact that he chose it himself) is that it’s a little different from the norm and really eye-catching. Plus the crystal is a really unique colour and so stunning.

Stationery Lovers

I used to think I was alone in my almost-obsessive love of beautiful stationery but over the years I’ve come to discover there are actually many of us out there, secretly coveting the notebook and binder aisles. If you do have a penchant for beautiful notebooks you should definitely take a look at Vibrant Home’s wonderful collection.  I have received this gorgeous Pina Colada Notebook/Organiser by Caroline Gardner and I’m so pleased with it.  Such wonderful quality with a flawless, hardback cover and a bright and modern floral design – it even comes with stickers in the back to help keep you organised.  I can’t wait to start using it for my countless blogging notes.MDP - notebook

As well as stationery, Vibrant Home specialise in fantastic homewares including bold and bright kitchenware, fun storage boxes for children and much more.

Soothing Tunes

I’ve recently become completely addicted to American folk and country singer JJ Heller.  She has some wonderful songs, and her album I Dream Of You is made up of songs inspired by her children and motherhood.  My favourites are Keep You Safe, I Get To Be The One and the title song, I Dream Of You.  JJ’s album is available to download from iTunes here.

What are you hoping for this Mother’s Day? What will you be doing to relax and reconnect with your non-mum self? We may sometimes feel buried by kids and their endless mountain of paraphernalia but it’s so nice to surround yourself with some lovely treats that are all yours.

Disclosure: I received products from Luxories, Pinks Boutique and Vibrant Home in exchange for an honest review.  Content and opinions are all my own. 

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58 comments on “Mother’s Day Gifts That Take Care of YOU

  1. As always I really enjoy reading your posts, they are the positive side of the motherhood coin as opposed to the sadness from the mums at Matchmothers, the charity I belong to for mums separated from their children. I hope to soon be able to tell you my story, and why your blogs concerning the months after birth resonate so strongly with me.
    Many thanks x

  2. It’s my first ever Mothers day this year. I’d be happy to receive anything off your blog, although I do love a bit of stationery… or just a big cuddle with my squishy 🙂

  3. I absolutely love that cat purse, it’s amazing!This is a great list of gifts, it really is important for us mums to have some time to ourselves. The skin care products sound amazing, what I would do for a facial in a spa though. I am also a massive lover of stationary, you’re definitely not alone there! That notebook is gorgeous.

    Thanks so much for linking this up to#KCACOLS. Hope to see you again next Sunday x

  4. Most mums I know and I am no different are rubbish at self care! Although I did have an impromptu day off last week and got my toes and fingers done and tried out tinted eyebrows for the first time in 36 years. I did feel very spoilt. I am also planning a massage for when my maternity leave starts. You have picked out some lovely things above I would normally opt for a handmade present if given the option. I am lucky and normally spoilt and inevitably there is an orchid or a rose in there somewhere as well. I hope you have a great Mothers Day and get some of the bits on this list. Thank you for joining us at #BloggerClubUK hope to see you again this week x

  5. I really enjoyed Still Alice too, great film. Those skincare products look a bit fabulous. I do love a facial, one of my favourite luxuries and a real ‘me time’ treat. I don’t have a wish list for Mother’s Day, I tend to wait for the surprise as my daughters school do a Mothers Day Wrap where the children choose their own gift. I like all the home made bits and pieces too. Of course they all get saved in the memory box! #kcacols

    1. Aww, yeah the homemade stuff is so lovely. My little man tried to tell me about something he made at nursery today before my husband stopped him and reminded him it was a secret lol! Thanks for reading x

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