To All The Mothers


Take a moment to realise just how bloody awesome you are.

How many nightfeeds have you done? How many times have you found the energy for one more round of Wheels on the Bus when all you want to do is watch TV? How many meals have you lovingly prepared only to watch being thrown to the floor? Have many nappies have you changed? How many toys have you tidied away?

How many demands have you fulfilled to avoid a tantrum? How many times have you pushed a swing? How many times have you kissed a pain better? How many times have you explained something new and watched your child light up with that knowledge?

How many mornings have you rushed around to leave the house on time for school? How many packed lunches have you made? How much homework have you helped with? How much advice have you offered?

How many times have you heard your teenager slam the door? How often have you laid wide awake waiting for their key to turn in the lock? How many times have you said goodbye and watched your child lead their life independently? How many times have you realised they still need you, will ALWAYS need you?

How many hugs have you given, cheeks have you kissed, “I love you”s have you murmured?

I used to think it was kinda twee when people said being a mum is the hardest job in the world but it really, completely is. Because you don’t get a day off, or a minute off. You never get the freedom of watching the world only from your own viewpoint ever again.

Even if you shout, scream, cry, moan, get frustrated or feel like you can’t possibly do this job for a minute longer you are STILL awesome. Take a moment to believe that.

Happy Mother’s Day

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16 comments on “To All The Mothers

  1. Ah, we mommies do so much! What a great post and a much needed reminder. I love that we can connect as other moms here, even if we’re far away from one another. I’m thinking that a trip to the UK is really going to be in order some day now that I’m connecting with beautiful bloggers such as yourself from there. I can dream, at least!

    I definitely one who needs this reminder. You stated it all so perfectly. But can you tell me…what does “twee” mean? 😉

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