5 Tips for a Positive Relationship with your Teen

teenToday I feel very lucky to be sharing a guest post from Bella Ryan, a writer for The One Spy.  

During the teen years of a child, parents serve as their children’s compass – both emotional and moral, since they are building intimate relationships outside of their family. At this point of time, parents need to be there for their teens, more so than ever before to keep them from veering off the right path.

So, the question arises, how to raise this blooming person who acts more and more like a stranger every day. Here are a few tips as to how.

1. Be a parent and a friend

Nothing builds’ a teen’s sense of security more than the knowledge that their parents understand them, love them and appreciate them. Also, a parent needs to be a teen’s friend and give them some independence, even though they may feel a little shut out at times. This way, if you build a relationship with your teen, based on love and security, navigating your closeness in an appropriate way, without taking advantage of your role as a parents, your teen will be more likely to open up to you and share with you as he shares with his friend.

2. Spend Time Together

Make sure that you spend some time together every day. Even a few minutes here and there, like when you are doing the dishes together or grocery shopping, is enough to let your teen know that you are there for them. Even a good night hug and check-in is enough to remind them that their parents love them, unconditionally. Additionally, try doing something together once a week, every week to forge a closer bond with your teen.

3. Parent actively and appropriately.

Never refuse to acknowledge that your teen is growing up and needs more freedom. Still, it is okay to ask them where they are going and who they are going to be with as long as it doesn’t give off the vibe that you do not trust them. Also, taking some time out of your schedule to learn more about your teen’s friends and their parents is also a good way to know what company your teen is keeping.

4. Eat meals together, always.

Meals serve as a great way to unwind, talk about the day’s events and ultimately bond. It is an excellent opportunity to keep up with all that is happening in your teen’s life as well as spot any brewing problem at an earlier stage. Plus, it lets your teen know that they can just hang out and talk to you anytime they feel like it.

5. Listen

In order to understand your teen better, you need to stop telling them what you think they should do, unless they ask for your opinion. Your teen wouldn’t really pay attention to what you are saying unless he or she is the initiator of the conversation, thus keep quiet and let him/her take the lead and then be ready to answer any questions they might have to throw your way.

And last but not least, remember that you may not be a top priority for your teen right now, but do not take it for granted that you teen will keep pushing you away. Never give up on your relationship.  It is never too late to repair the broken bonds between you and your teen and move closer.

Bella works as a senior editor and writer at TheOneSpy. She is an ardent reader and a professional writer. She spends most of her time browsing through technology related subjects such as operation of various devices and use of mobile applications. Her writing niche includes posts on fix-ups of common problems related to and gadgets and the use of cell phone monitoring application in business, social and personal circles. Her latest article on surround your loved ones android got wide social media visibility To know more about her follow on twitter @bellaryan8901

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