Need A Professional Service? Let Bidvine Do The Hard Work

Bidvine 1I don’t know about you but when I know I need to hire someone – plumber, cleaner, swimming lessons for Caterpillar etc – my heart sinks a little bit.  Unless you have a brilliant personal recommendation, it means a blind Google search which will throw up dozens of entries, and some of them not particularly relevant or specific enough.  All you really want is contact details and a price, without filtering through a lot of unnecessary bumf.

The Bidvine website could help with this.  It’s an incredibly simple service that gets you access to whatever professional you need very quickly and easily.  Although I’m a blogger I’m actually pretty techno-phobic (how this website is even live is still a bit of a mystery to me!), so I was pleasantly surprised by how incredibly straightforward Bidvine is to use.

2017-01-13 (1)Only two bits of information are required to begin with; the service you need and your postcode.  As soon as you type in the type of service you need you’re given an easy drop-down list to choose something more specific.  Bidvine then asks you to give them a little more detail but these are really straightforward questions which are complete in only a few clicks.  I really appreciate these questions actually as it helps to narrow down the search and ensure that only the professionals most suited to your needs will be selected.  Once these responses are in you simply enter an email address and password to register and hit submit.

For the two services I was looking for – family photography & bathroom renovation – the whole process took me less than five minutes, which is much preferable to a 30 minute Google hunt.

I submitted my request on Monday and it gave an approximate time for results of four days however I received my first “bid” within only 15 minutes!  I ended up receiving a total of five bids, all within 24 hours of my submission, several of which have also followed up by text or phone (at my request, you can leave out your phone number when you place your request if you only want to receive emails/messages via Bidvine).

The messages were personal and detailed, for example each photographer gave lots of information on what they could offer and, as an added bonus, their direct contact details.  So although the Bidvine service is simple and easy to use, and gave very fast results, once I received those messages I was free to go direct to the professional.

Bidvine 3My favourite part is the bid itself – i.e. you receive a quote straight up front.  No back and forth with the service provider to get a rough estimate, instead, because you’ve submitted lots of useful information at the beginning, the professional is able to give a workable quote right up front.

Bidvine offer such a broad spectrum of services from tradesmen to hobbies, the site layout is clear and straightforward, the registration process is quick and responses are helpful and timely.  You can also use Bidvine as an app which I found equally as easy and intuitive.  So if you’re looking for a professional service but can’t be bothered with the hassle of a web search give Bidvine a try.

Disclosure – This is a collaborative post but words & opinions are all my own.  

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