Creative Kids: How To Make Your Own Bank Account

Bank AccountI’m so excited to launch my brand new guest series today – Creative Kids. Our first lovely guest blogger is Carol from Virtually Allsorts and I love her unique and creative craft idea…

Our 7 year old daughter has always loved making, doing and being creative and we’ve always given her ready access to all things creative. Basically just letting her initiate ‘making time’ (apart from the paint… that wasn’t easily accessible until recently!)

We don’t always plan our crafts and creative sessions and we often just go with the flow when we have down-time.

But our daughter has her imagination station and we have a little corner in our kitchen that serves as storage for packaging that we save up as time goes on.

Not long ago, she declared that she was saving her job money for something exciting and so I suggested we could open her very own bank savings account. To which she replied that we could make our own bank accounts! And why not? It brings a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘saving for a rainy day’ when you turn it into an activity that can be done on a rainy day!

After all, quite often the making bit is as much fun as the actual item you’re making.
This was no exception.  We used all sorts of things for our bank accounts, as you can see!

There are little slots to pop the coins into, another slot for sliding notes into underneath.

We used old toilet roll innards for the coins to be dropped into, bubble wrap, old tissue boxes, pipe cleaners… we well and truly invaded the haberdashery!

Every so often, she had a peak at mine and then tweaked hers. Or suggested that I might want to add a piece to mine. Of course, I obliged and marveled at her wonderful ideas!

The end products are now all set up to save us money and to keep our money safe.  We had so much fun doing it and it encouraged chat about saving money.

I absolutely love times like this – the only issue is where to keep yet another creation?  Does anyone else have this challenge?!

About Carol

I am a published author and blogger at, where my themes are wellbeing, writing and parenting.  ‘Wellbeing’ covers yoga, meditation, reiki, crystal healing and positivity.  I am so very passionate about positive thinking and am a firm believer that anything can be turned into a positive.  Writing covers mainly poetry and flash fiction.  Parenting speaks for itself!

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