Creative Kids: A Quick Step By Step Guide To Make A Balloon Rocket

I have a brand new idea to share with you for this week’s Creative Kids post.  Today’s fab activity is from Jim Stevens who writes over at Toy Advisors.

Make your kid’s life a blend of fun and entertainment by exploring the wonderful world of science and it’s interactive projects. The idea of science completely relies on practically experimenting it, and high speed projects make children keen towards knowing more about the world. Put some excitement into their studies with balloon rockets which would clearly explain them The Newton’s Third Law of Motion. As the law explains every action has an equal and opposite reaction, the balloon rocket gets propelled into the air by an opposing force. This is so because, once the gas is released from the balloon, it starts pushing against the outside air, which in turn, pushes it back. Dive in to know more.

Balloon rocket1

A Quick Step By Step Guide To Make A Balloon Rocket

Equip yourselves with a round balloon, a kite string that is 3 meter long , a plastic straw and a tape, before kicking off the experiment. Once done, you are ready to begin your creative activity. 

Balloon rocket2

Initially, tie one end of the kite string to a strong support on your room, like a chair, door knob or a table leg. 
Once you have ensured that it is strung tightly, thread the other end of the string through a straw. Once done, tie this other end of the string to another solid support. 
Now, blow your balloon lightly, but make sure you are not tying or knotting it.
Pitch the opening of the balloon closely with your fingers and do not let it go. With your other hand, you have to tape your balloon to the straw. This is done by holding the balloon horizontally beneath the straw, and taping it on its left and right hand sides to the straw. Now the balloon hangs horizontally beneath the straw.

Balloon rocket3

Well, that’s it. Now, it is time to launch your rocket in to the air.Let go off the hold of your fingers on the balloon and you can see the balloon booming off,in fact, rocketing across the string track.

Have you guessed what had happened? Well, it is quite easy. The air that was confined inside the balloon’s interior escapes in a rush, and such an energy created a forward force called as Thrust. This pushing force created by the energy propels the balloon which acts as a rocket. This is similar to the real world rocket too. As the burning fuel blasts from the engine of the rocket, a thrust is created. And thus, as the engines blast down, the rocket bumps high into the air above.

Balloon rocket4

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