Top Five Things To Do At Legoland, Windsor

Legoland1I’ve been wanting to visit Legoland since I was a child myself so when Caterpillar began noticing the adverts on TV and asking to go I was really excited to plan a trip.  We arranged it as a surprise for his fourth birthday and his reaction was absolutely priceless.  

Last month we spent a overnight stay in Windsor and it was fantastic! Everything Caterpillar (and I!) had dreamed about. Here are just five of our favourite moments:

Atlantis Submarine Voyage

We had no idea what to expect from this ride as you can’t see much from the outside but it’s an absolutely brilliant concept.  Created by Sealife, this gentle submarine ride is creative and educational at once.  You climb down into a submarine-themed pod which is full of features inside that kids will love – lots of buttons and screens etc.  The bottom half of the submarine is submerged in water and as the ride moves off you get a guided tour of some truly brilliant marine life.  From rays to sizeable sharks, the quality of the exhibit is on par with several sealife centres we’ve visited and the fun additions of Lego fish and divers make this a real feast for the eyes.  

Throughout the ride recorded guides coming from the screen give lots of information about the sealife you’re viewing and add an additional element at the end when the children have to press various buttons to ensure the submarine gets back to base safely.  

Caterpillar, Hubs and I all loved this and it was oddly relaxing and soothing as well.  Once the ride is over there are several additional sealife exhibits for you to explore too.  



This rollercoaster was a huge hit with Caterpillar and I and, thanks to the low queues, we were able to ride it about six times in total.  Built into an impressive castle, the ride begins by gently taking you through some large, impressive Lego scenes – they are so detailed I felt like we noticed new characters and little touches every time.  By far the most impressive is the enormous Lego dragon who moves, roars and breathes smoke – all the while constructed to appear as if he is bursting through a wall in the tunnel.  

Once you emerge outside the real fun begins as you enjoy two belly flipping drops and high speed curves before shooting back into the tunnel.  It’s the sort of ride that is pure fun without being frightening and Caterpillar was in his element.  

City Walk Pasta & Pizza


At the far end of the adorable Heartlake City this buffet restaurant serves a yummy variety of salad, garlic bread, pizza & delicious pasta.  At £12.95 for adults and £6.95 for over 3s we considered it pretty good value compared to some other on-site food outlets and we really enjoyed our meal.  

Pirate Shores Treasure Quest

We don’t visit theme parks that often so it’s been literally years since I’ve last been on a water log ride.  This is a log ride with a difference because, like with the Dragon rollercoaster, it incorporates so many fun Lego characters and scenery.  You take a relaxing trip down the ‘river’ where you can see Lego pirates and animal characters getting up to all sorts (including spraying you with water!) before climbing and decended to an enormous splash that Caterpillar found hilarious.  I’ll warn you, you will get wet on this ride, but even in the chilly 13 degree weather we didn’t mind because it was so much fun.

The Lego!


I simply couldn’t write this review without highlighting the artistic and design beauty that makes up the impressive models from around the park.  From the animal safari on the Heartlake City Express to the huge moving pieces in the Star Wars exhibit, the models are truly impressive. Miniland is wonderful and I really enjoyed looking as all the London landmarks, station and mini, moving Lego theme park.  Genius!  No wonder Lego remains the most successful toy of all time.

At just turned four, Caterpillar is at the perfect age for Legoland.  We’re really glad we went for two days because we were able to spend a day and a half seeing absolutely everything and then had the remaining half a day to go on all our favourite rides again.  Whether your children are into Lego or not there is enough here to satisfy everyone.


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  1. We have taken our daughter twice in the last two years and as we went off season there were very short queues so felt we had a lot of time to explore the park and enjoy all the rides. My daughter loves Lego so it was a real treat for her but I after the children don’t need to be Lego fans to enjoy this lovely theme park. Great review!

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