Trying New Baking Kits From Sweetpea Pantry PLUS giveaway

Caterpillar’s love of baking has only grown since we last tried out some Sweetpea Pantry kits. I love that now he’s four he can do a lot more in the kitchen and wants to be involved in more and more tasks. We try to bake from scratch as often as possible but sometimes it’s just easier to have a boxed mix on hand.  I think I mentioned before that I find the quality of fairy cakes that you get from cheap, cartoon-branded mixes really isn’t great, and that’s why we really enjoy baking with Sweetpea Pantry.

Baking Kits 1

Their mixes don’t contain any nasties so are great for even the youngest little ones and, in fact, contain lots of ingredients that you wouldn’t usually have in your cupboard unless you’re a health food guru (note: I am not).

Sweetpea Pantry have added two new kits to their range – Scrumptious Carrot Cupcake Mix and, the one we tried this week, Super-Duper Brownie Mix

This brownie mix is gluten-free, which is fab because firstly, I seem to have a lot more gluten-free friends and family in my life these days and secondly, I know from first-hand experience how tricky baking gluten-free can be – so it’s nice to have the stress removed on that front.

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All you need to add to this recipe is melted coconut oil (or butter), eggs and honey.  Caterpillar loved getting stuck in with the measuring and stirring, he barely lets me do anything these days (where’s the fun for me?) and the batter looked super thick and chocolatey.  In it’s raw form, it seemed a little grainy but once baked it wasn’t at all and was a good, brownie consistency.

I’ll confess, I did let Caterpillar lick the bowl (raw eggs be damned, never did me any harm!) and you can see how much he enjoyed that part.

Baking Kits 2

I was, once again, really impressed with the quality and volume of cake you get from these kits and we’re looking forward to trying out the carrot cakes next.

Baking Kits 4

Sweetpea Pantry are available at M&S, Ocado or you can buy direct online from Or you can enter the giveaway below because I have both the brownie and carrot cake mixes to give away to one lucky reader.

Disclosure: I received these products in exchange for an honest review, words & opinions all my own. 

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  1. I really enjoyed reading both this and your previous experience with Sweetpea Pantry products. The end result of these ones looks seriously tasty! It’s so great that they do a gluten-free option.

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