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We have a new guest blogger joining the My Mountain series today. One of Barbara’s biggest struggles was finding the time to cook nutritious meals for her kids while working full time, something I’m sure many of us find difficult.  Today she is sharing her tips on overcoming this.  

Photo credit: selfishmother.com
Photo credit: selfishmother.com

It’s not easy being a working mother and cooking delicious food at the same time. But hold on a second. I did not say that it’s impossible. Ever wondered how do working moms handle dinner every night? The only secret that unlocks the answer is planning.

So it doesn’t matter if you have a full-time or stressful job, the act of cooking is never a bad idea as long as you think it through. And the best part about this is that you don’t need to do that. I have created a list of the things that you should follow if you want to be both the employee of the year and the best cook in the kitchen.

Let’s get started then!

How do working moms handle dinner every night?

#1 Keep it simple yet delicious

Photo credit: delish.com
Photo credit: delish.com

Cooking doesn’t necessarily mean preparing complicated or fancy dishes. You can keep it simple just by using fresh ingredients. Don’t choose a recipe that you know will take a few hours to cook.

Easy dinners for working moms include preparing rice in coconut milk or chicken broth instead of water. And life has become so much easier with handy kitchen appliances like a rice cooker, herb grinder, sausage stuffer, etc. Even for drinks, you have valuable products like an iced tea maker.

And if you want to make your meals simple but incredibly delicious, then you can add more butter. So the next time you roast or steam those fresh veggies, don’t forget to bring in the butter.

#2 Breakdown the process

No need to wonder how do working moms handle dinner every night? This is the ultimate secret to success in the kitchen!

There’s no strict rule to follow when it comes to preparing a healthy, tasty meal. You can cook a complete dinner 2 or 3 nights per week as well. And whenever you do, make sure to include enough vegetables, protein, and corn or rice.

On the other nights, you can opt for breakfast for dinner recipes. These include pancakes, bacon, eggs, etc. Another great option is finishing leftovers from the previous night. Once you learn how to freeze these leftovers properly, you can savor them for at least 2 to 3 days.

#3 Ditch last minute cooking

Photo credit: techtimes.com
Photo credit: techtimes.com

A working mom dinner plan will never have the words last minute on it. Because you need to realize that planning is essential. You can cook how many ever delicious meals you want for the rest of the week on a blissful Sunday.

Even if you don’t feel like doing something like that, there’s another option too. Just prep all the ingredients well in advance on your weekend. This way you know what’s available in the kitchen and what you need to buy from the supermarket.

For dishes that require special ingredients like wasabi, you have to head to the grocery store to get them. This way all you will have to do during the week is cook the dish and not waste time planning it.

#4 Prepare big batches

If you normally roast one chicken for a single dinner, then it’s time to break that habit. What I mean to say is that cook two chickens instead. You can eat one and freeze the other. So whenever you decide to cook, make sure to prepare large batches of food.

You can store the extra food along with the leftovers in Ziploc bags and place them in your freezer. But please don’t make the mistake of heating these containers or bags in the microwave. Not unless they’re microwave friendly. You have to defrost the dishes using hot water before transferring the contents into a cooking pot for reheating.

You can also use ideas such as using the chicken or meat from the broth to prepare salads, tacos, enchiladas, curries, or stir fry. Another delicious option is black beans. Cook a lot of black beans and store them in your freezer. Then take some out every day to add to your dinner meals.

#5 Discover new, fresh convenience foods

Photo credit: propelwellness.ca
Photo credit: propelwellness.ca

Meal planning for busy families can be quite a difficult task for a working mom. So how do working moms handle dinner every night? They discover the hidden secret of convenience foods.

You can ferment ketchup and mayo and refrigerate the mixture for as long as a month. Or you can prepare sauerkraut and pickles for vegetables that don’t spoil before you eat them. The best part about this is that they contain more probiotics and nutrients.

Hard boiled eggs and raw cheese are also a huge part of working mom dinner ideas. Plus, it’s an easy task for anyone to find raw cheese, isn’t it?

That’s All SuperMoms!

Just remember that not everything and everybody is perfect. But it’s important to be flexible. There will be situations where you might burn the beans or overcook the steak. And that’s okay. At such times, don’t forget to stay calm and resort to plan B.

There’s no sense in always wondering how do working moms handle dinner every night? Parents who do that also started at some point. Nobody is ever good at something without practice. So keep at it until you succeed.

Would you like to share any easy-to-cook recipes with us here?

I hope the article helped in solving your problem. I tried to keep the content elaborate yet concise. So I hope you liked it!

Thank you for dropping by.

Happy working and cooking at the same time!

Author Bio

Barbara Davis is the creator of Mom Trusted Choice. She is a mother and blogger who has successfully managed to curate interesting and useful articles about important topics like pregnancy and motherhood. Apart from providing well-researched information about various products, she shares her personal experiences as well. This is her strategy to make the content feel more relatable and practical for her readers.


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