Teething Survival Guide for Parents

All babies will eventually go through the teething process; there is just no escaping it. For some parents, this period is approached with quite a lot of dread and understandably so. The thought that your little one is about to undergo a lot of pain and discomfort is something every parent has some apprehension about. Not only is your baby going to experience aches and pains, you as a parent are going to be under elevated levels of stress. It is important to make sure that everyone’s morale is kept up during this rather testing period.

The teething process usually starts for most babies just at a time when they have finally begun to develop a sleeping pattern. After weeks of waking up to comfort your crying baby in the middle of the night, he or she is finally getting to sleep well at night and so are you. Then the teething process starts and it’s right back to the enormous bags under your eyes from lack of sleep. It is important to provide some level of comfort for the baby and yourself as a parent during this period. This article will provide a few teething survival tips for parents.

1. Anticipate

As a parent, you know your little one is definitely going to get his or her teeth at some point and the process comes with a lot of pain and discomfort. Planning ahead will give you a better chance of managing the process effectively. Get an ample supply of chew toys for your baby to chew on while teething. Stock up your medicine cabinet with teething tablets and Chamomilla to aid with relieving the pain.

2. Amber Teething Necklaces

Amber Teething Necklaces are an amazing alternative therapy for coping with infant teething. They can be worn around the neck of the teething child and have been known to provide relief for teething babies. Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces contain succinic acid which has enormous analgesic properties. The means by which they provide relief for you baby is quite simple; you wear your teething child one of these necklaces and their body heat causes the succinic acid in the Baltic Amber beads to be absorbed through the skin and directly into the bloodstream where it releases its pain-relieving effect. The longer your baby wears these necklaces, the better the results and what’s more, they are no side effects with this therapy. You can purchase genuine, high-quality Amber Teething Necklaces made from authentic Baltic Amber beads at balticwonder.com.

3. Stay Away from Caffeine

You are going to be doing a lot of waking up in the night to comfort your baby and, as such, you will need to try and squeeze in nap times during the day. Consuming copious amounts of caffeine will be counterproductive to such aspirations. It is a good idea to take a nap yourself whenever your baby is also taking a nap. Taking care of a teething baby is hard work, so don’t be shy to take moments of rest every now and again.

4. See a Doctor

There are some signs and symptoms of teething that are also signs and symptoms of illnesses. It is highly possible that your baby isn’t teething at all, but has come down with an illness of sorts. At other times, the teething process is accompanied by these ailments. Therefore, it is always a good idea to schedule an appointment with a pediatrician when you suspect your baby is teething just to be on the safe side.

5. Be Prepared to Do a Lot of Carrying

It is always a good idea to carry and cuddle your teething baby in your arms. You can even relieve some of the pain in your baby’s gum by gently massaging their gums with your fingers. (Note: make sure your hands are clean before doing this to avoid the risk of infections.) Allow them to chomp on them a little; the sensation will ease some of the aches in their gums. Try to get them laughing by playfully tickling them, snuggling, and kissing them. This will provide some distraction for the little champ and deepen the bond between the two of you.

Final Words

It is often a beautiful sight when those first few teeth begin to appear. Your baby’s smile becomes even more beautiful. It is important that you begin caring for those teeth immediately they appear. Get baby toothbrushes and gently brush them every day to keep them clean and healthy. Also, taking them to see a dentist once their teeth begin to appear is also a wise decision.

On the whole, while the teething process can be stressful, it can also be successfully managed. All it takes is some planning and a little patience and in no time, it will all be over.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative guest post.

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