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One of my favourite blogger roles is being an ambassador for Orchard Toys.  Caterpillar is game obsessed.  He chooses a board game over almost any other toy or activity and so far we’ve reviewed some fantastic ones from Orchard (links below).

However, this is the first time they’ve combined some of their favourites into a Games Compendium.  This is such a fantastic idea and would make a brilliant Christmas present.  The games in the set are all amended versions of their existing best sellers so it would be great for anyone looking to be introduced to the brand.

Orchard Toys Games Compendium

Our favourite of the four is the Old MacDonald Game.  Set on a farm, this is a boardgame with a difference.  Instead of moving a certain number of steps with each roll of the dice, you actually move to a particular colour instead.  This means it’s great for slightly younger children who haven’t yet learnt to count.  When you land on each spot you select a token of that colour and add to your collection without turning it over.  If you land on a gate you have to return a token to the pile (but there aren’t too many gates, which will be a relief to anyone who has a sore loser child like I do!).

Once the first player reaches the finish line all players turn over their tokens to reveal pictures of animals on the other side.  Some tokens have three animals and others have less.  Similar to Cheeky Monkeys (probably our all time favourite Orchard Toys game) the winner is the person with the most animals, not the most tokens or who finishes first.  I love this idea as it adds another level of interest and excitement to the game.

The other games in the set include Monster Dominos, Snakes & Ladders and the Red Dog Colour Game.  The latter is similar to Dotty Dinosaurs and again a colour matching game perfect for preschoolers.  With their bold monster shape designs and bright colours this is a fun version of the classic that you could easily slip into a sandwich bag and take with you on journeys or to visit family or friends.  Jungle Snakes & Ladders is beautifully designed with lots to capture your child’s attention and a great way to teach them about the ups and downs of playing games and the concepts of winning and losing (which, as I mentioned, is definitely something my son needs to learn about at the moment).

Orchard Toys Games Compendium2

What We Loved

  • The variety of games included
  • The gorgeous designs and hard-wearing quality of playing pieces
  • The age range; at 3-6 years this would be a great set for some sibling groups
  • The combination of the complexity of Old MacDonald’s and simplicity of Red Dog

Orchard Toys Games Compendium3

What We Learnt

  • Colours
  • Counting
  • Matching
  • Recognition
  • Observational skills
  • Patience
  • Turn-taking
  • Positive winning and losing reactions

As usual, at £15.95 for four games in one the price is fantastic.  A great addition to any stocking.

Would you like to try the Orchard Toys Games Compendium for yourself?  Simply enter the giveaway below for a chance to win.  

Disclosure: We received this game in exchange for an honest review.  Words and opinions are all my own.  

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