Start The New Year With A Positive Step: Ways To Pursue Mental Well-being

From the day we are born, our physical health is always of the utmost importance, and that is of course – the way it should be. As we go through school we’re taught the importance of healthy eating choices, exercise, even sexual health and so on. But what about our mental health?

As the New Year comes into fruition we’re going to be bombarded with weight loss schemes and clubs, healthy eating books and the latest celebrity trends on keeping fit and active.

But our mental health is just as important as our physical health and pursuing a good, mental well-being is a step in the right direction to a healthy body and mind.

Here we’ll look at a few ways you can begin your New Year on the right foot and set yourself up, not only for this year, but for years to come.

Do more of what makes you happy

Do you enjoy painting? Then why not do more of it? Love reading? Then head to the library or local charity bookstore. If your passion is in interior design then check out the latest interior design blogs, head to online home improvement stores like the skirtings r us website and schedule more time for what makes you feel good! As long as your passion won’t hurt others or could be detrimental to your finances or other aspects of your life – then embrace it.

We get so caught up in everyday life it can be so easy to neglect what makes us happy. Change that today!


Our lives are so busy these day, especially if you have a temperamental work/life balance. Even more so if you add children into the mix. What you must remember, is that you need time for you. That extra 30 minutes you’ve taken in the bath, so you can enjoy peace and quiet is something you should never feel guilty about.

Your mind can benefit a great deal, even if it’s just ten minutes of reading a book in the supermarket car park when the children have fallen asleep in the back. Commit to this.

Find the positive people in your life

Do you find your ideas crushed by those you call friends? Do members of your family look at the glass half empty? There’s a difference between giving advice and being deliberately negative, so it’s important to recognise when those around you aren’t being supportive and are just being intentionally unhelpful.

Where it may not be as simple as blocking those people from your life – especially if they are family – you can decide who to share and spend your time with. Surround yourself with positive people!

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Having worries or concerns about your mental health is actually, very common, and you should never be worried about approaching someone with your concerns. If you’re unsure if you should approach a health professional, then confide in a friend or a close family member first. Communicating is the first step. Go for it.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative guest post

One comment on “Start The New Year With A Positive Step: Ways To Pursue Mental Well-being

  1. Some really great advice here. I think scheduling time for interests and self care can be a big challenge – there’s a lot of unhealthy societal pressure (just look on mumsnet etc) to avoid and fear being called ‘selfish’ – so people feel guilty as parents saying “actually, today is my day for the gym” or whatever. It’s not unreasonable to have a balanced life!

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