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Our love affair with Orchard Toys continues and today we have a new game to share with you.  Caterpillar continues to choose board games above almost any other toy and that’s absolutely fine with me as it’s still one of our favourite bonding activities.

Dinosaur Lotto has all the trademarks we’ve come to enjoy and expect from Orchard Toys; bold, bright colours, hard-wearing play pieces and a fun, simple game concept.

Hubs is the only person on the planet with no interest in dinosaurs at all whereas they’ve fascinated me since childhood.  Fortunately, my influence has won out and, since I introduced him to Jurassic World last year, Caterpillar’s dinosaur interest has flourished.  If your child loves all things prehistoric too then they’ll love this game.

The game consists of several game boards each depicting a different scene, with different dinos and plant life, and playing cards with corresponding features.  There are two different ways to play – the first is a straightforward memory game where players take turns to turn a card over and keep it if it matches one of the pictures on the base of their game boards.  For the second game style, the bottom half of the game boards can be turned around so it’s blank boxes only, and your little one has to actually find the item within the scene itself.  This second method is really good because the pictures on the cards are often a different size or back to front so it really encourages their observation and lateral thinking skills.

What We Loved

  • The simplicity; easy for children to play without adult help
  • The gorgeous designs and hard-wearing quality of playing pieces
  • The age range; at 3-7 years this would be a great game for siblings to play together
  • The cool twist on the traditional style memory game

What We Learnt

  • Matching
  • Recognition
  • Observational skills
  • Lateral thinking
  • Memory

The £7.50 price point is very reasonable, as always, and it would be a great store cupboard item to keep aside as a last minute children’s party present.

Would you like to try the Orchard Toys Dinosaur Lotto for yourself?  Simply enter the giveaway below for a chance to win.  

Disclosure: We received this game in exchange for an honest review.  Words and opinions are all my own.  

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58 comments on “Orchard Toys – Dinosaur Lotto

  1. We love Orchard toys too and very keen for our collection to grow. This one looks great, my 3 year old likes dinosaurs too. This is definitely added to our list x

  2. I love Orchard toys. The are fun, educational and affordable and have a lot of choice and have bought many a game and jigsaw as gifts.

  3. Love this, children learn more when “learning through play!” Great idea and looks like a fun educational game

  4. #ROARSOME #GIVEAWAY. My lil grandkids love playing games. This would certainly keep them busy when im on babysitting duty lol. Thanks for the chance

  5. Orchard make great quality games and for the price they charge are great value, this one can teach so much

  6. I love their games. We have a few of them. They are perfect as a lot of other games take too long to set up, too long to understand the rules and too long to complete the game!

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