How To Prepare Your Child For Their First Day At School

The first day of school is one of the biggest milestones for any parent. Sending your little one out on their own for the first time can be scary for you as well as them. If you want to make it easier for both of you, you have to prepare yourself properly. There are a thousand and one things to sort out before their first day of school and it’s easy to forget things. If you want everything to run smoothly, use this first day of school checklist.


Obviously, you already know that you’ll need to get uniforms but you’re probably underestimating how many outfits. However many you think you need to buy, double it. Kids have an amazing talent for getting their clothes dirty and ripping them up so they’ll burn through uniforms in no time. It can get pretty expensive to keep buying uniforms so you’ve got to make sure that you’re finding cheap places to get your back to school clothing, otherwise, you’ll bankrupt yourself. Just be careful that you’re striking a balance between price and quality. There’s no point getting cheap stuff that’s going to come back ripped the first time they wear it.


Food at school is pretty expensive so you’re better off packing them a lunch every day instead of giving them money to buy it when they get there. It’s important that you’re giving them healthy snacks for school. Filling them up on sweets and chocolate will affect their ability to learn, as well as making them unhealthy so always stick to the good stuff.

Meet Classmates Beforehand

Turning up to school on their first day without knowing anybody is incredibly daunting for a child but there is something you can do to help them. If you know any parents with children of the same age, try to set up a meeting between the kids. That way, they’ll both have a friend when they arrive at school on the first day and the whole thing won’t seem as scary. Don’t force it though, if the kids don’t get along you’ll just have to accept it.

After school activities are another great way to help your child make new friends. It also teaches them new skills and enriches their education. Check out what after school clubs are on offer and see if your child is interested in any of them.

Teach Them Their Schedule

Fear of the unknown is a big problem for kids and one of the main reasons that they’ll be apprehensive about starting school is that they just don’t know what to expect. You can calm them down if you go through the daily schedule with them and let them know exactly what they’ll be doing and when. Knowing what to expect will make them a lot more confident on their first day of school. You could even do a mock school day at home to help them get used to the schedule.

Take these steps before your child starts their first day of school and the transition will be a lot smoother for both of you.

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