Why A Mum Without Confidence Is A Tragedy

It can be easy to read an article header like this one and think ‘I struggle with confidence, there must be something wrong with me!’ Of course, only the most unaware people are able to say that they never have fluctuations in their confidence, but if you find that you’re feeling this often, it might be that you need to consider why. There might not be anything wrong with you, but sometimes mothers can find themselves falling into this pit of self-doubt and unhappiness without really knowing why, and finding the antidote might be a little more tough than expected.

Every Mum deserves to feel wonderful, radiant, their most natural selves, and supported by the love of their family. We hope to explain why in this article, to help Mum’s feel their best selves, and to explain, piece by piece, why mothers are perhaps the strongest people on Earth. In other words, we hope to use the subject of mothers who fail to give themselves credit to celebrate motherhood in all its forms, and to reassure those beautiful women that they deserve to feel proud of themselves, and that you deserve respect, always, always, always.


Mothers, historically, have had to be the homemaker. That might sound like an easy job, but it’s far from it. Motherhood is one of the most natural and frequent tasks in the world. It is one of the fundamental constituent elements of us having a society at all, and for the human race to have come this far. It is how all great men and women were crafted, and how all future fathers and mothers were nourished.

Just think how sad it is that a time-honored, universal duty, something shared between different species of life the world over, something so incredibly rewarding and important and impressive could cause a woman to feel like less of herself, thanks to feeling like her youth is perhaps passed and her attractiveness is reduced?

Of course, thinking about it in these terms can be quite shocking and saddening to realize, especially when we understand just how many mothers think this way. If you count yourself among this number, remember that motherhood is absolutely the most natural, beautiful, nurturing duties you can ever find yourself with, and respecting yourself for that is essential. Associate yourself with people who share this sentiment, and businesses such as Bubbahood that offer products dedicated to honoring mothers in their daily duties. It is perhaps the most powerful source of love there is, and you are in possession of it. If that doesn’t make you feel powerful, nothing will.

The Hard Days

Motherhood is not a walk in the park. It takes time to raise a human being from scratch. It takes time for people to understand just how challenging some of the issues raised can be. It might take yourself time to give you credit for that.

The art of the attentive mother is the ability to learn, to make changes, to care and to move on. This takes a strong person. While you might chastise yourself for making the mistake, fixing the mistake will always redeem yourself, even though you shouldn’t feel less than for making a mistake in the first place, as it’s no great failing in a human being to make them.

If you find yourself on a particularly low-confidence day, or perhaps you are being a little unkind to yourself, remember how strong you were to pull yourself through the hard days, and how you still came out a competent and loving mother. This can help you put into perspective the real change and importance you have on lives, and give you the confidence to respect yourself once in a while.

The Memories

Just as your mother likely has the most intimate memories of you, you have that for a child. To your child, you are the most important person in the world. You were there to help them grow when they couldn’t look after themselves. You nourished them, helped them speak their first word, and along with a partner gave them the home to do all this in. You were there from day one, and nine months before that.

It’s likely that this person, as they grow, would feel horrified to think you feel less than anyone. Remember, if you do not think of yourself highly, that someone in the world thinks nothing but the best of you. This is not an accident. It is due to your own wonderful action and love.


Love is very important to consider. It might be that you are unhappy that you cannot fit into your older dresses, or that perhaps you feel less attractive (despite often actually being more radiant.) It might be that you feel less time for self-care has made you age a little more beyond your years. But think about this. Let’s say you’re right to lament this even though you shouldn’t, and that you have lost out. What have you gained? Being a mother is perhaps the most important, justified, absolutely necessary things to experience, and choosing to do so can bring so much more into your life than take away. Remember that feeling love in your homestead, genuine, connected love is much more than any magazine motivational tip or Instagram like can get you.

Some things in this world are transient such as your youthful priorities, while some are permanent, like the love you share with your child. No matter who you are, sometimes resting in love can help you feel a little more confident.


Many mothers might feel a little ashamed of their unemployment break, as coming back to the world of work might seem a little difficult. However, remember that nothing trains you in the art of organization, patience, scheduling and authority than that of motherhood. It might be that you have many more skills you can express, but only if you take the time to try.

With these simple tips, you will realize that becoming a mother with confidence is anything but egotistic, it’s the most important, natural and justified thing in the world.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.  

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