Changes We Want To See To The iPhone

Nothing is perfect. Whilst Apple may be the heavyweight when it comes to smartphones, there are still changes many people would desire them to make when it comes to their iPhone software specifically. After all, we all know other changes could be made, such as the removal of an Apple sim only. By having an Apple sim only option it creates greater inconvenience for people. Read on to discover the top changes people want to see happen in regards to the iPhone software…

An enhanced iMessage

There is no denying the fact that iMessage is a great feature of the iPhone. Not only do people love the opportunity to send a text message for free, but being able to see whether people have read the message or not certainly helps too. Nevertheless, iMessage is still largely unpredictable. How many of you have pressed send and noted that your message has been sent about six times? Apple either needs to find a way of making the software more stable or consider a name change to iParrot.

Tackle the ‘no results found’ problem

How many times do you see the ‘no results found’ message when you are looking for a location on your Map app? It is extremely frustrating and it seems that no results seem to be more frequent than any results at all. 

Make the notification centre more organized

The notification centre has definitely been a great addition. It makes everything a lot easier and efficient in terms of management and keeping up to date. However, clearing notifications seems to be the problem. You have to clear every app’s notifications separately – talk about effort!

Improve options for the hard-hearing

It would be great if Apple (and other phone companies) really worked on providing better solutions for people with hearing difficulties. There are some great companies that have been helping provide hearing solutions for decades, and Apple should consider teaming up with a company like this to really bring their smartphones forward.

Enhance the basic apps

Apple is well known for being innovative and providing groundbreaking solutions. But when it comes to native apps, such as notes and reminders, it seems that very few improvements have taken place. These apps are definitely in need of an upgrade.

Minimize the effort

One of the biggest problems with the iPhone software is the fact that you need to complete far too many steps for something that should merely be a basic task. For instance, turning the Wi-Fi off actually encompasses a six-step process. You can guess what the result is; most people don’t even bother!

Changing icons

A great suggestion would be for the app icons to change to reflect the live data changes within them. For instance, the weather icon can change depending on the local temperatures.

Edit the notification alerts

There is nothing wrong with the notification alert format; a banner across the top of the smartphone. However, the problem is that this renders the top part of the phone ineffective whenever a notification occurs. If you are someone who texts or emails a lot then this can be extremely frustrating.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.  

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