Moving Home With Kids In Tow: What You Should Know

If you have kids, moving house can be quite a scary and daunting prospect. However, if you know that you need to move, perhaps you need more space to be in a better catchment area, then it cannot be avoided. Below, you’ll find what you should know when moving home with kids in tow. Take a look and you’ll make moving more hassle free for everybody:

Explain The Process To Them

The best thing you can do to begin with is explain the process to your kids. Simply telling them that you are ‘moving’ may not be something they understand, and they will likely find this very scary. By explaining how the weeks leading up to the move will go and explaining the day to them, they will feel far more at ease. 

Take Them To See Your New Home 

If you can, take your kids to see the new place before you move in. This will take away fear of the unknown and ensure they are prepared. They can ask questions at this stage and let you know of any worries. Once they have been to see the new place and explored their new bedroom, they should feel excited to move in! 

Ask Them What They’re Thinking About 

If you feel like this move is affecting your child, ask them what their worries are. Make sure you don’t invalidate them by telling them they are being silly. Listen to them and then explain why they have nothing to be worried about. This will also set a good tone for when they want to tell you something in future. Judging them or making them feel silly will stop them from doing that. 

Choose The Right Property

Moving to a totally different property that doesn’t properly suit your families needs can increase your stress levels considerably, so it’s vital that you can find the right home that you and your children can thrive in. Whether you choose a terrace house or an apartment, make sure your family will have enough space to feel comfortable and have the ability to seek privacy whenever necessary. Let your children influence your decision somewhat, as if they feel as though they have ‘chosen’ your new home they will be far more inclined to want to move. 

Always Clean & Redecorate

One of the most important steps that you mustn’t forget when moving to a new home is deep cleaning, as you must prep your new property to get it safe and ready for your children. If you don’t have the time to fully clean your new home yourself then do not fret, as there are many specialist companies that can complete the job to a very good standard on your behalf! It can also be extremely beneficial to carry out some renovation work when moving to a new home, as it can help you and your children to feel as though you now own the property rather than feeling like you’ve moved into someone else’s home. Even a fresh lick of paint can totally transform an interior! 

Get Them Involved With Packing 

Let your kids help you pack, and have them pack some of their own stuff if possible. Getting them involved like this will make the process more enjoyable. However, if you have a lot to pack and you’re short on time, exploring a site like could help you to find companies that will not only take your stuff to your new location, but pack it up for you too. 

See If You Can Find Sitters On The Day 

If your kids are quite small, it could be better for you to find sitters on the day. You can then get everything you need into the new place and set up your kid’s bedrooms before bringing them home.

Have Emergency Boxes With You During The Move 

If the move is going to be a fairly long one, pack emergency boxes for each family member. This should contain items that they may need to grab at a moment’s notice, such as a toothbrush, a special teddy, a charger, etc. 

Try To Stick To Your Kid’s Routine On Moving Day 

If you can stick to meal times/nap times, and other routine elements on moving day, your kids will feel all the better for it. 

Don’t Forget About Saying Goodbye 

If you’re moving a distance away from friends and family, it’s only fair to allow your kids the chance to say goodbye. You could even throw a party – but be sure to get Skype addresses and other contact details so your kids can stay in touch. 

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.  

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