Keep Your Anxiety Under Control If COVID-19 Has Led To Redundancy

Amidst the pandemic, the economy has taken a nosedive, businesses are struggling to stay afloat and, in general, many people are struggling financially. The effects of COVID-19 have caused millions of people around the world to lose their jobs. While this has been a difficult time for everyone, those who suffer with anxieties may be finding this time of their lives particularly hard to deal with. So what can you do to keep your anxiety at bay if you’ve been made redundant? Take a look at these steps to help diminish as much of your anxiety as possible!

Speak to your GP

Your first port of call when suffering with anxiety should always be your GP. If your anxiety is getting to a point where you cannot cope, give them a call and discuss how they can help you through this difficult time. Whilst they may not be able to help financially, they will be able to provide extra support as you battle through this.

Practice tried and tested calming techniques

As an anxiety sufferer it’s very likely that you’ve researched calming techniques in the past to help alleviate your anxiety. Now is the time to put these into practise – even when you’re not feeling anxious. Try the grounding technique, do some yoga, or even go for a walk to clear your mind. Many anxiety sufferers are using CBD oil to help calm down. It’s understandable that you may be reluctant to do this because there’s not enough information about it, so you can read here all about CBD law in the UK and how it can help you.

Change your lifestyle

Did you know that anxiety can be linked to what you’re putting into your body? Whilst your recent redundancy is the reason for your bout of anxiety, being more conscious about what you’re putting into your body will make the world of difference. Try eating cleaner and drinking more water to help control your anxieties.

Research what help is available to you

You’re not alone in this situation, and the government has put many measures in place to help those that have been made redundant. Do some research on what’s available and what you’re entitled to so that you can gain some peace of mind about your financial situation. The government should be able to help financially with benefits and also help you find another job as quickly as possible.

Speak to your providers

Finally, speak to your providers such as your phone, internet, gas and electric. Explain your situation to them and they’ll help set up payment plans, or find a cheaper tariff whilst you work your way through this. Remember that we are all in the same boat and these companies are likely to be empathetic to your situation.

2020 has been possibly one of the most challenging years to date, and hopefully we’ll never experience anything like this again. Following these tips will help keep your anxiety at bay and remember, you’re not alone!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.  

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