Book Review: Little Home Bird by Jo Empson

Little Home BirdCaterpillar and I are frequent visitors to our local library but, being a toddler, he doesn’t exactly give me a lot of time to thumb through the wide range of children’s titles so I’ll confess that bright or unusual illustrations are usually what catch my attention and make me select that particular book. This is also the first thing I noticed, and one of my favourite things, about this week’s Butterfly Book Club title – Little Home Bird.

The watercolour illustrations are truly stunning, every page is a feast for the eyes. Jo even manages to create a mood for each page with *her* choice of colour palette. Nature, landscape and seasons are all beautifully depicted and each page is like a painting in its own right. The focal point – the birds – are especially gorgeous.

Even without the story we would have enjoyed this book but fortunately the narrative is also brilliant. Little Bird is unnerved when he finds out he has to leave his home to fly south for the winter but decides if he can bring all his favourite things along with him it will make him feel better. Unfortunately, this isn’t the most practical plan but leads Little Bird to learn a lovely lesson.

Not only is this a great book for teaching kids about migration, the underlying message of how to adjust in a new environment would really help any child facing a house move or who regularly divides their time between two homes.

With the beautiful illustrations and heartwarming story, I think this is definitely a book we’ll be revisiting time and again.

If you would like to find out more about Jo Empson’s work you can visit her website here.  Or to buy your own copy of Little Home Bird visit Child’s Play Books.


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22 comments on “Book Review: Little Home Bird by Jo Empson

  1. This book sounds lovely and the front cover illustration is gorgeous. Will have to keep an eye out for this as we will be moving house this year so it could come in handy xx #familyfun

  2. Aww isn’t it great when you find a book you love. I get fed up reading some books over and over when I find then dull but when you find a gem of a book it doesn’t matter how often you read it. #weekendbookclub

  3. This is such a good idea for a book, I’m sure it can help when you’re moving house. It looks beautiful, I can’t wait until my baby starts to appreciate books, I am already building quite a collection. #FamilyFun

  4. This looks like a great book! I love the fact that it can help with the idea of moving. I must add it to my daughters collection. #Shareitsunday x

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