Clever Bees Club Box Review & Giveaway

cleverbees1Before I became a parent and blogger I didn’t even realise subscription boxes existed, now I can’t get enough.  Today we’re reviewing the kids activity box from Clever Bees Club.  These boxes are aimed at 3-7 year olds and include a wide variety of activities that are both fun and developmentally useful.  Clever Bees Club are a new brand for 2016 and are the brainchild of a dad who observed how much his children often enjoyed playing with small, varied toys & activities rather than one big item.

I must admit getting boxes like this in the post brings out my own inner child because it’s so exciting to not know what it will include.  And when Caterpillar and I opened our box we were pleasantly surprised by just how much was in there.

This month’s box clearly had a summer-friendly water theme and included:

  • Bubbles
  • Brightly coloured ice cube tray
  • Water Blaster
  • Water bombs
  • Goggles
  • Toothbrush
  • Flannel
  • Bath crayons
  • Water Facts & Activity Sheet
  • Suggestion sheet for activities to do using the above

cleverbees3In addition to the themed items, the box also contained a reading book, 2 sticker & activity books, reward chart & stickers, competition entry option and a Busy Bees recipe card (you receive the ring-binder for this in your third month of subscribing).  So much to keep Caterpillar occupied and I’ll admit we haven’t even played with everything yet which is great.

I love that the box has a theme and everything ties in together but still with standalone activities.  It encourages the use of your child’s imagination as well as your own.  Surprisingly, the item Caterpillar has had most fun with so far is the ice cube tray.  It inspired me to try an activity I’ve had on my list for months – we took some very small toys and froze them in ice cubes, before tipping them into a bowl, I then gave Caterpillar a spoon and a spray bottle of warm water to excavate his treasures.  This kept him occupied for so long, it was brilliant.  Plus it taught him something new about how water changes when extremely cold. He was fascinated.

cleverbees8Of course, he also loved the water shooter, water bombs and, of course, bubbles never get old.  We cracked open our box at the perfect time really as we’ve actually had a little hot weather in which to enjoy it.

I found it really unique that, as well as toys and activities, Clever Bees Club included day-to-day items such as a flannel and toothbrush.  First of all I thought this a bit odd but then realised it’s actually a really great way of incorporating play and learning into every day water-based tasks. Plus, I’ve never seen Caterpillar so excited about a new toothbrush!

I’ve admitted in the past that sometimes I’m not overly imaginative when it comes to playtime so boxes like this are really handy for me as helps give Caterpillar and I fresh ideas.  cleverbees9

The cost of a monthly subscription does at first feel a little steep at £19.95 however you do get a lot included for that price and if you added up the individual items it works out as good value.  You can sign up by clicking here or if you fancy trying Clever Bees Club for free, please enter the giveaway below to win a three month subscription!

Disclosure: We received our Clever Bees Club box in exchange for an honest review, words and opinions are all my own.

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42 comments on “Clever Bees Club Box Review & Giveaway

  1. Boys toys, good to have items which will allow the youngsters to be active etc. If won would likely take the boys out for the day to a large grassy area where they can run around freely at play. Whilst we are close by keeping a lovingly caring eye on their activities.

  2. I am not convinced , if I won it and thought it was worth while I might say different, but now I think each of the items could be bought in the pound shop! Of course they have to make money, but it is nearly 100 % profit at that price.

  3. There seems to be a good mix of items but it might be hit and miss if it included items my niece would like.

  4. A little steep for me but that doesn’t really matter as I live in Canada and am out of the delivery zone I’m sure!! It’s a great idea though…. I love surprise mail! #FartGlitter

  5. This reminds me of my monthly subscription to Twinkle magazine as a little girl. I was always so excited for it to come through, only this is like a bazillion times better! It’s like a little Christmas every month! Love the ice cube ideas. Thank you for linking up with #fartglitter x

  6. My cousin belongs to a group called education otherwise, so i would love to be able to share some of the goodies with her, as this is right up her street xx

  7. This is such a lovely idea! The boxes look like they are filled with lots of fun, playful and educational goodies that me and my little one could have hours of fun with!

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