Book Review: Home and Dry by Sarah L. Smith

Home & DryI have a more classical story for you this week.  Generally this type of genre isn’t a picture book I’d usually go for but this story about family is sweet and wholesome.

The Paddlings (love the apt name, by the way) live on a tiny island in the middle of a lake.  Mrs Paddling fishes and Mr Paddling teaches swimming.  Their son becomes a big brother during the story so it’s a nice reference to explore for anyone who is growing their family.

There is lovely use of onomatopoeia throughout with descriptions of the pitter-patter of the rain and the constant creaking and dripping in their house.  The Paddlings love their wet winters however when summer comes the lake disapears and life is very strange for them.  Meanwhile, Mr Paddling’s uncle begins a trip to see his nephew which results in a life-threatening climax when the water rushes back to the lake.

Home & Dry 2I enjoyed the theme of a family both growing and being reunited after a long time apart, and the story has a really unique setting.  Caterpillar was really interested in the appearing and disappearing water.

The illustrations are a lot more traditional than what we usually see nowadays and reminded me of much older books in a soothing & nostalgic way.  The water at the end was particularly beautiful.

You can find out more about Home And Dry at Child’s Play Books.

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