Seven Unique Ways To Spread Christmas Magic

You begin to see Christmas with fresh eyes when you’re a parent and I’m always trying to help Caterpillar to feel gratitude for everything he has. Today I want to share a few simple, inexpensive ideas of spreading seasonal cheer in a different way.


Give to charity

Caterpillar loves Children In Need and Comic Relief and has shown a big interest in charity lately. The Christmas season is a good time to consider giving a few pounds to a worth cause and this is something I really want to think about in the coming weeks. Given the nature of my blog, Mind is my current charity of choice.  They do such incredible, important work in terms of mental health, which is something that touches us all.

Bake for the neighbours

I’m crap at getting to know my neighbours, I mean really really bad. I just about know their names after six years of living here.  But I’m considering making them something this year to hand out as a random act of kindness. The little man would get a big kick out of this too.

Donate to a food bank

I’ve seen lots of signs lately in shops asking for food bank donations and since Caterpillar understands a lot more now about people who are less fortunate that us it will be a good opportunity to highlight that message.

Homemade teacher gifts

Last year I made You Baby Me Mummy’s delicious slow cooker fudge recipe for my son’s preschool teachers and got such a lovely response. I intend to do another batch for this year’s teachers too.

Send a gift to someone less fortunate

I found out about the Samaritan’s Purse Operation Child project from one of the ladies who joined our recent perinatal mental health photo challenge.  The idea is simple – you fill a shoebox with small toys, stationery and toiletries that a child in a developing country would enjoy, perhaps even a note from your family to theirs and take to one of many local drop in points.  If you don’t have the time to pack your own shoebox or find a drop off point you can even select and send your items online.

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