Creative Kids: My Toddler’s Favourite Things To Do

Welcome back to Creative Kids – where I share guest bloggers and their favourite arty & crafty activities.  This week Kerry at Mummy Thomas Blog is sharing her daughter’s favourites…

She loves playing with her Disney princesses. I can sit and watch her for ages. She sits and has her own little conversations with them. I’d love to know what she’s saying.

She loves to make cakes and most importantly eat them. Tesco do the boxes where you get the cake mix, cases and stickers that go on top. You can get anything from Peppa Pig, to the Minions, to plain fairy cakes with sprinkles. She loves them.

She loves to draw and paint. She enjoys scribbling all over the paper and to sprinkle glitter everywhere. Always a house, a cat and a dog. We have the house and cat. I think she’s trying to tell us something. I think she wants a dog. Ha!

She enjoys curling up on the sofa in the mid-afternoon to watch a movie. Always the Minions or frozen.

She enjoys playing with Lego. Building rockets and building dens for her Lego animals.

She enjoys playing doctors and nurses. I always have to play the patient. I start off ok and end up with bruises everywhere from the amount of times she’s hit me with the plastic hammer that comes in the set to check my reflexes.

She has tried many times to check our cat’s temperature and failed ha.  He now runs whenever she makes eye contact.

She loves to dress up as a princess. I made the mistake of saying ‘aw your mummy’s special princess’ she replied ‘no mummy I am a queen!’ Ha, the attitude and she’s only two. Love it.

She loves when we read to her or make up stories. She asks for more and then takes her turn creating a story. The things she comes out with. She has an amazing imagination.

She loves to dance. I put on the music channel or Justin’s house and she dances away. Of course I have to join in.

Those biscuits you can get from Tesco are great they come in all shapes. Peppa, the Minions or stars and ginger bread men. They can decorate them. She loves them and keeps her quiet while I have a cuppa. Ha!

What’s your Toddlers Favourite things to do.?

Author Bio

Kerry is a mother to a beautiful two-year-old girl, she blogs and write about all things mental health and parenting.

In sharing her personal fight against birth trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Postnatal Depression (PND) her intent is to raise the awareness for others like us. She share the ups and downs of being a parent in the hope new parents can be better prepared along the way, with openness and honesty.

She also loves to write about the things her family love to do together and share their adventures, good and bad.  Read more from Kerry at Mummy Thomas Blog.

Have you done a creative project with your kids that you’d like to share?  Do you have a brilliant messy play task?  If you’d like to write a guest blog post around getting arty, crafty or messy with kids please email me at  Find out more about the series here.

3 comments on “Creative Kids: My Toddler’s Favourite Things To Do

  1. My daughter has really similar tastes – she also LOVES the cake box kits from Tesco.

    At the moment she is very into myths and legends – dinosaurs, dragons, princess-knights, fairies that do ‘tree fu’ (Tree Fu Tom haha) and so on.

  2. My daughter loves to sing ala musicals on her own. She sings about the things around whenever she’s bored. One time, we were in the hospital waiting area and she saw cracks on the wall and a security camera. She had been asking me why there are cracks on the walls and what the the security camera was for. When she ran out of things to do and ask, she just started singing saying “The walls have cracks because the building is not strong and there is a camera that looks like dragonfly’s eyes.” Maybe she’ll be on Broadway someday.

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