Toys to Encourage Your Child’s Creativity

Everyone has a creative streak hidden away in them, and with children, it should be encouraged and brought to the forefront of their abilities. This will help to build their confidence and give them many hours of pleasure.


Puzzles allow kids to learn to problem solve at their own pace. They may need a little help to start with, but they will find their own strategies for completing any puzzles they have and this will help them in everyday life.

Pretend Play

All children like pretend games. If they have dolls house accessories, for instance, they can pretend they are designing the interior of their dolls house. Pretend food allows them to be cooks, and pretend phones will have them chatting away to whoever they want. A child’s tea set will probably result in pretend meals, either with some of their favorite toys or with friends and relations. Dressing up and pretending to be mom and dad, the local postman, or something else similar will also help them to develop their creative skills.

Ball Play

There are so many different ways to play with a ball, and this is something that can start at quite a young age. Rolling it to them and teaching them to roll it back to you will help their coordination and motor skills. As they get older it can be kicked or thrown and ones that bounce are always popular.

Arts And Crafts Supplies

Coloring pencils, chalks, crayons, paints, plenty of paper and coloring books will keep children occupied for hours. They will love to draw, and you have to pretend to know exactly what it is even when you have no ideas. This encourages them to use their artistic skills, which will get better with age. Some children become extremely good at art, and all children should have this chance to start.

Molding clay and dough will also bring out their creative side one of the best things about it being that it can easily be remolded if they do not like their finished product. There are just so many options.

Building Toys

Their age dictates which building toys you should buy them, probably starting with plastic building blocks and moving on to other building toys as they progress. They will learn to solve problems such as making their structure more secure to prevent it from tumbling and how to construct things other than buildings.

Board Games

Board games will make them think about strategy, and they will have to fathom out the best way to win. Children are very good in the way they learn from their mistakes, and it will not take them long to master such games as Monopoly, Game of Life and similar strategy games.

Card games can be good too. Start them will simple picture cards that need to end up and groups and teach them some card games that you played as a child. Card games can not only help with their creativity, but they can also be useful for helping them to learn their numbers.

Children learning through play is a brilliant idea, and research has shown that the more play they have the better they do at school. Even all the hours they spend on their digital devices playing games can help them to develop and grow.  

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.  

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