Creating a Minimalist Nursery – Less is More

Creating a minimalist nursery can be great for your mental health and mindfulness. We are often bombarded with bright colours, furniture sets costing thousands and thousands of pounds. The pressure can be a lot. If we look at it practically, all the bells and whistles are pretty, but also pretty unnecessary. So, what are you really looking at in a nursery? What do you and baby (or babies) really need?

Photo by Nynne Schrøder on Unsplash

Sleepy Time.

This one goes without saying, but your baby needs somewhere to sleep. Ideally, the baby will be in your room until they reach at least 6 months old (safe sleeping for newborns). But after that? Well, as you’re going minimal, you can splash out on a luxury cot. The style of cot you choose is a very much personal preference but think long term. Something that can grow with your little one is best.

Sitting Pretty.

Somewhere for you to sit during the night feeds is going to be a must. Something with a high back, wide padded arms and pretty sturdy will be ideal. You should choose a light colour, after all, you’re aiming for somewhere you can both relax – neutral tones work best. Many parents sit in the same room as their children as the little ones slowly drift off to sleep, rather than sitting on the floor, sitting somewhere your baby can see and being comfortable is much better.

Dimly Lit.

We all know that lighting matters when it comes to sleep. While it might be tempting to purchase a light show toy that sings and dances, put it back on the shelf. Research shows that the colours most likely to lull your little one off to sleep are actually orange and red tones. Why? Well, in the natural world reds and oranges are what you are most likely to see when the sun is setting. If you aren’t a fan of those strong colours, then you might like to look into having a dimmer switch installed, so that there will be no bright lights waking you all up properly at 3am. Having the ability to have a fainter light means you are much more likely to manage to dream feed your baby, and get them back in the cot safely – all without waking them up. Blissful.

Wardrobe Change.

There are a few brilliant options when it comes to changing tables. Many now come with multiple drawers. Meaning you don’t need to hurt your back changing baby on the floor on a changing mat, but rather change them at a comfortable height. Not only that but having the drawers means that you can have the little one’s clothes close at hand when it comes to changing time.

When it comes to putting together a minimalist nursery, you can have something simple, beautiful and functional without having to sink a lot of money into wall murals and the latest gadgetry. Having only the essential items leaves room for imagination as they grow, and find out what interests them. Less is more in the great art of a beautiful nursery.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.  

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