Adding Your Mom Skills to Your CV

Many moms take time off work to raise their children and look after their families. Some, just take a year or two away from their jobs while their children are young, but for others, this time stretches on. If you have two or more children close together, the expense of childcare can mean that you have no other option. Staying at home with your children can be a necessity. It can, of course, also be fantastic. Being a stay at home mom is tough, it’s hard work, it’s tiring, and it’s certainly stressful. But, these are years that you only get once and there is nothing wrong with fully embracing them.

The challenge for many women is what to do when these years are over. Even if you had a high-power career before you had children, or if you are just looking for a part-time, low skilled job to pass the time and earn a little money while your children are at school during the day, it can be hard. A significant gap on your CV is never desirable, and there are countless people are looking for work without one.

However, a big part of your CV is your key skills. Sometimes, it’s your skills, more than your experience that makes you right for a position, and as a mom, whether you are applying for a place on an online accredited mba program or a job with your old firm, you’ll have plenty of key skills that are transferable and relevant. Here are some of the mom skills that you could put on your CV.


Organization is a useful skill in many areas of life. Being organized means that you can get more done. You can take a busy day and organize it into a manageable to-do list. You don’t lose files or documents; your days are well planned, and your folders are in order. Well-developed organizational skills can also mean that you manage money well and that you are excellent at managing your time.

However well-organized you thought you were before you had children, you are probably more so now. As a mom, you manage everyone’s time. You make sure your house is clean and tidy, you take everyone to their appointments, and you get everything done.


If there’s one thing that most moms are great at, it’s multitasking. This is another useful skill in the workplace. You’ll be able to take on new tasks, without taking the focus away from those already on your plate. As a mom, a typical afternoon might involve getting the laundry done, cooking dinner, preparing lunches for the next day, helping with homework and running baths. You are a multitasking pro.

Conflict Management

As a parent of one child, there is the occasional conflict to deal with. Children and family members disagree, they fight with their friends and have issues with kids in the park. But, if you are a parent of more than one child, conflict management might be a standard part of day to day life. In the workplace, your ability to deal with conflict, as well as your aptitude for keeping calm under pressure can be crucial.

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