Five Ideas for a Self-Care Evening

Part of self-kindness is taking good care of yourself. This means making sure you eat well, stay active (this is also beneficial for keeping up with your kids!), stay hydrated and get as much quality sleep as you can. What people, especially those who are busy with full time jobs, running a business or raising a family, often forget is that taking good care of yourself should also include taking time to pamper yourself! This is most likely forgotten about when you’re raising a family because you’re prone to putting your kids first (naturally!).

But, a happy parents makes for happy kids, so dedicating time to treat and pamper yourself can benefit both you and your children. There are lots of ways to relax and treat yourself; Vsavi offer an amazing vape kit – but this post contains a top five for an evening of self-care. Prepare the snacks, invite your friends over (if they’re also parents, you could ask them to bring their kids and set up a play date to coincide with your pamper time) and get ready for some real self-care time. 

Sheet Masks

The recent craze over sheet masks is understandable. So simple and they don’t require water or a flannel to wipe them off. Just wash your face, pop one on for ten minutes and marvel at the glow you get afterwards! Any excuse for getting some more moisture into the skin.

Face Masks

If you’re not a fan of putting a sheet on your face or simply prefer the process of a regular face mask then by all means, switch it up! There is so much choice for a good face mask and they certainly don’t have to break the bank. Same process as before; wash your face and spread a generous amount of the face mask onto your skin. Timings differ depending on which one you use so make sure to check that you aren’t leaving one meant for for five minutes on for fifteen!

Body Butter                                                           

Body butters are great for dry and cracked skin and can be an excellent way to get some moisture back into the skin after a long week at work or a hectic day with the kids. There’s a lot of variety out there, especially in terms of scent. Even a massage can benefit from a good body butter. 


If the spa isn’t an option but you’re desperate for some muscle attention; ask your friends! Hand massages, foot massages, shoulder massages; you don’t have to be a qualified beautician to give a massage! As long as you don’t go down the aggressive route and stick to what you know, a loved one could be very grateful! Take turns on your pamper evening to give each other a hand massage or even a head massage; the positive effects will be very much appreciated.

Painting Nails

You may be wondering whether painting your nails would be worth the effort, especially if you’ve got kids running around. It may not make much sense to but it can be very therapeutic to have your nails painted, or even do them yourself. The thought of a splash of glam can bring a lot of joy, even if they get chipped the next day! This could be particularly fun if you’ve got friends who enjoy being artistic – you could go wild with all sorts of colors and gems!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.  

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