Don’t Let Anxiety Take Over

Anxiety is one of those things that can take a hold of you when you least expect it. It can cripple your mind both physically and mentally. Many people struggle with some form of anxiety in different ways. They may show mild symptoms but still manage to function. They may have symptoms that affect them in a more severe way which stops them living their life or doing things.


Your mindset is a powerful tool. When used correctly it can do great things, but when used in a  negative way it can cripple you. A positive mindset is a great way to overcome some of the physical and mental attributes of anxiety. You can feel sick, shake, and worry about what is going to happen next. Turning those negative feelings into something positive is a great way to turn the situation around. It may feel like it is impossible at first, but try and be consistent and stick with it. A positive environment is one way of sticking with this, so try and surround yourself with people that have a good effect on you. 

Alternative methods 

We all know some of the common things we can do, but what about alternative methods that might be more suitable. There are essential oils that can relax you, and herbal remedies or vaping you could try. You could also consider Jersey Hemp’s Premium CBD Oil as another way to calm anxious feelings and lower stress levels. Even the food you eat can have a positive effect on your mindset and how you feel. Explore some of the different options available to you. 

Consider meditation

Focusing on your breath and mind is a great way to alleviate some of the big symptoms of anxiety. Meditation is one way to do that. If you can find yourself a quiet spot with little distraction and do this for ten minutes each day, you should see some real improvement. It’s about focusing on your mind and emptying it of negativity. Paying close attention to your breath. Anyone who hasn’t even tried meditation before can give it a go. There are plenty of step by step guides online to help you get started. 


Exercising each day is another great way to combat the main symptoms of anxiety. This may be difficult though if you struggle to leave the house. But exercise can be taken indoors as well. You could consider doing workouts in your living room or using daily objects to help exercise. A great tip is to run up and down the stairs several times or dance around your kitchen to upbeat songs. Exercise can take many forms. Once you feel confident, you may want to consider running. Many people express the joy that running gives them a sa great way to clear their mind. Start small if you haven’t exercised in a while and build up gradually.

Let’s hope this helps you combat those symptoms of anxiety. It’s not something that is pleasant to go through but sometimes self help can be a great start to recovery.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.  

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