What You Need to Know About IVF Before Making a Decision

Deciding to have a baby is a big decision when that doesn’t happen trying to conceive with in vitro fertilization or IVF is one of the options available to you. One cycle of IVF treatment can cost up to £5,000, so knowing what to expect is vital to allow you to make a decision on whether this is the best route for you.


Whether you choose to opt for this country or another, the IVF procedure will take both time and effort on your part. It is an intensive process where you will have to administer medication which helps stimulate your ovaries in order to produce eggs. There will be blood tests, and ultrasounds taken as part of the process. This happens multiple times. During this process, it’s always essential that you remember the act of self kindness as it can take a lot out of you and your partner.


Ensuring you are in the best health you can be before you start any IVF treatment will stand you in good stead. This means a healthy weight, reducing alcohol and stopping smoking as well as dealing with any underlying health conditions by visiting a health professional.


Most insurance companies do not pay for IVF treatment, so saving up is the right way to go. You can also look at how IVF works in other countries too as it may be cheaper to opt for going abroad. There may also be financial assistance available.

Side Effects

Your body will experience side effects as it will be injected full of hormones. This means you will feel more emotional during this period of time. There will also be some side effects such as cramps, pressure or bloating. This discomfort will continue as you go through the procedures. 

Gender Selection

You may be able to choose the gender of your baby however, this isn’t possible with all clinics so if this is important to you then ask before making a decision on which clinic to use.

No Guarantee

Sadly, IVF does not guarantee you will get pregnant. Some people will get pregnant the first time, others will require more treatments, and sometimes people don’t get pregnant at all. Ask the clinic if they have a fertility calculator to predict what your chances are of success.

Multiple Births

IVF treatment means having more than one embryo implanted, which may lead to multiple births. This increases the risk of going into labour early or low birth weight. Asking the clinic to conduct genetic screening on embryos and having only one transferred at a time will reduce these two risks.

Trying to conceive can be exciting; however, it can also be challenging and exhausting. Knowing what is involved will assist you in deciding to proceed with IVF treatment. Above all, keep the communication lines open between yourself and partner to ensure you are both aware of how you are both coping with the treatment. If you keep the main goal in mind of having a baby, it will get you through those difficult days.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.  

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