Finding Time For You

Stress can manifest itself in many different forms throughout our daily lives, which can range from mood swings to feeling low or depressed, tearful, a distinct lack of energy and even tension induced headaches. 

When these strike it can be difficult to continue with your working day, particularly when you have been staring at a screen all day long during lockdown life. The amount of screen time we use from laptops to tv’s, ipads to iphones, we are certainly using this technology a lot more in 2020 then we might have done this time last year, particularly with all the zoom calls to be had! 

Noticing the Signs 

As a result it might be that stress related headaches are increasing and we find ourselves squinting at the laptop screen to read a particular word, missing meals to reach those all important deadlines, and not drinking enough water, which as a consequence can bring on a stress induced headache. (Unfortunately drinking wine as an alternative to water does not count as your recommended 2 litres of liquid a day). Once you realise that you are experiencing these signs and they are not going away, then it is definitely time to call on Nurofen for some much needed soothing relief.  

Venture outside once in a while 

It can also be beneficial to ensure you take adequate breaks away from screen time, try to do some daily exercises, whether it’s going outdoors to a park or open green space or just attempting some stretches or gentle exercises. This can also benefit your mental health which is very important to keep on top of. We sometimes forget about this, particularly as parents and wonder why we suddenly have an outburst at a family member or find ourselves crying for no particular reason when all the daily stresses get on top of us and build up. Yes it’s important to look after your children and they are of course your number one priority, but you also need to remember to find time for yourself so that you have the energy and strength to continue to support your family network. So don’t forget that a little self care is not a bad thing. 

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.  

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