5 Ways to Treat Your Feet Right

Every day, steps are taken hundreds to thousands of times. Walking is the main source of transportation that gets the human body going. Feet have no choice but to carry the human body. That’s why you should give back to your soles with everything you put them to do through motion.

Think of the feet as the root of a tree. The roots need to be watered to give life to the rest of it. Your feet are the same way. Keep them looking healthy at all times for the many days of walking ahead. Here are 5 ways you can help your feet move forward.

Foot Masks and Scrubs

Just like the face, feet need to be cleaned and tended to. There are a variety of foot care products to meet the needs of your feet. There are masks, scrubs, exfoliates, and more to reveal the brand new skin underneath the old.

Foot masks help heal and rejuvenate the skin. It is wrapped in a sheet or thick paste that stays on for minutes. After a while, the product is removed, leaving the glow of treated skin. Scrubs and exfoliates are similar, except they are used and removed in minutes. The pasty product is put on the foot and motioned in circular motions to remove the dead skin on the surface of your feet.

Using helpful products like these are great to use every week. Keep this up as a habit to promote healthy skin on the feet. Treat your feet right on a nice self-care day.

Foot Massages

Achy feet happen on those days of constant walking or long hours of standing. Putting pressure on the feet to hold the human body up takes its toll and can leave the feet in pain. Sometimes a good foot rub is nice.

If you want a foot massage, it can be done by yourself or by another person you trust to take the time to loosen your foot muscles. Putting pressure on the sole and relaxing the entire foot is great for relaxing not only you but also your feet. Give your feet a restart when you need it. Foot massages are great, like a reset button.

Another good massage method and rolling your foot over a bottle. Rolling it a few times under your foot’s arch area is great to loosen the tense foot area. Do these massages on your foot when you feel it is needed. 

Type of Footwear

The footwear you choose often has a lot to do with your feet. Get away from those tough, unbroken in dress shoes. Spending hours on shoes with tough platforms can ache your feet. Change that!

The great news is that you can choose a comfortable Scholl shoe or get a Scholl comfort pad lining to place in your shoes of choice. Doing this will change the game in footwear. You can wear any shoe with the same comfort you need to get through the day. For as long as you walk, your feet will be comfortable.


When hearing the word pedicure, it is often mistaken for the girl to get pampered and painted toenails. That is not the case. Pedicures are good for caring for the toes. The nails are important to take care of to avoid ingrown nails and such.

Besides, this is a great way to give your nails the much needed care it takes every two weeks or every month. Getting a professionally done pedicure will give your feet the much needed restart to get back on your feet.


Just like the rest of the skin on the body, feet can get dry. Avoid cracking and dry skin appearing on your feet and giving an unappealing presentation. Treat yourself to a good foot lotion that will moisturize your feet for the many days to come. Moisturizing every day is important to give your skin barrier the strength and elasticity it needs. 

Doing these few options will help take your feet a long way in comfort. Avoid foot pain and unhealthy habits in the future. Treat your feet to better days for your several days of walking to come. For as long as you have feet, pain can be a thing you may experience. 

Keep your feet healthy and just like the rest of your skin on your body. To do more for your feet, take a look at many other ways to treat your feet right. Your feet will thank you, as well as you.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.  

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