Caring For A Disabled Child

If your child has any kind of disability, then you are obviously going to want to know what you can do about it in order to ensure that you are caring for them as much as possible. The truth is that it varies a lot depending on the situation, as not all disabilities are alike, and each situation is unique. Nonetheless, there are some things you can bear in mind which might be helpful in trying to care for your disabled child as best as you can at all times, so let’s take a look at those things.

Feeding & Eating

It is common for a disabled child to have trouble with feeding and eating. This could be as a result of physical problems to do with chewing and the possibility or risk of choking, or it might be a motor function issue. It could also be a learning disability. If this is true for your child, you might need to look into other options such as speech and language help, or using an occupational therapist to help your child learn these things. It could take them longer, but most disabled children can eventually learn to feed themselves.


The issue of education is often an important one for disabled children, especially so if your child has learning disabilities or other special needs. Generally, you are going to want to have some help here, which might be in the form of a special needs educator. Education is clearly a very important right for your child to have access to, so it’s vital that you do everything in your power to help them develop in this way as much as possible. As with most things, there is plenty that you can do here to ensure your child gets a good education, regardless of their condition.

Finding Support

There are many ways in which you as a parent might need support in caring for your child. If so, you should look into your options here, of which there are likely to be many. In a lot of cases, it’s going to be sufficient to have a disability support worker on your side. They will be able to offer household support, personal care support and, just as importantly, emotional support, so you don’t have to worry about your child lacking help in any of these areas. Make sure you get whatever help is necessary.


It’s important to try and let your child remain independent throughout their life, as much as is possible. This is a vital part of self-respect and having dignity, and it will mean that they are much more likely to lead a happy and full life. As much as you can, ensure that they are doing things for themselves. If you teach them right, there are many things that they will be able to do without your help, and it’s important to try and make that happen. This will ensure that they feel respected, and that they have a greater degree of self-respect too.

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